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If you're a Canadian resident or are living somewhere else in this world, losing the important data is a bad feeling. When the data loss occurs, you may want to take the services of a data recovery Canada tool, but you'll need to ensure that the option you're going at is worthy of your attention. Luckily, this guide introduces the six high quality and top notch ways to recover the lost data in Canada.

best data recovery services in 2024

Part 1: Tip to Find Good Canada Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

You can find the Canada hard drive data recovery services using the tips below.

  • Acquire the services of the well-known and reputed data recovery service.
  • Ensure that the data recovery service you're going to is certified.
  • Customer service for Canada hard drive data recovery must be up to the make and respond when needed.
  • Look for the hard drive data recovery Canada service that accepts that you won't need to pay even a penny if there is no data recovery.

Part 2: 6 Best Data Recovery Services in Canada

Top 1: salvagedata

Working Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 am to 6 pm; Saturday- Sunday: 10 am- 5 pm; Friday: Close

Phone: +1 925-300-4205

Address: 3575 Stevens Creek Blvd unit b, San Jose, CA 95117


When I first acquired the services of SalvageData, I wasn't familiar with the credentials it came up with. Upon contacting them, I learned about the excellent customer support of this Canada data recovery. I sent them my corrupted and damaged hard drive, and they quickly retrieved the lost data.

salvagedata recovery service

Top 2: Ontrack Data Recovery

Working hour: Money to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm; Saturday- Sunday: Closed

Phone: +18554281188

Address: Data Recovery CA 155 Gordon Baker Road, Suite 100 To ronto Ontario M2H 3N7, Canada


Initially, I wasn't impressed with the services of ontrack.com, but upon checking the outcome, I found out that this service is one of the best data recovery services Canada. It doesn't miss out on any data or affect the quality of data while getting it back on the computer or affected or corrupted hard drive.

ontrack data recovery

Top 3: HDD Recovery Service

Working hour:24/7

Address: 391 Bank St, 2nd Floor, Suite 201 ON, K2P 1Y3, Canada

Phone: 613366-4232


Another impressive and breathtaking hard drive data recovery Canada service you can watch out for is HDD Data Recovery Inc. This data recovery service tends to get back all types of data and doesn't affect the quality of data while repairing the hard drive and returning the lost data.

It prompts magnificent customer support, and the facility of 24/7 service is icing on the cake.

hdd recovery service

Top 4: Kenedacom Data Recovery Inc :

Working Hours: Monday to Thursday: 9 am- 4 pm; Friday: 9 am- 1 pm

Address: 355 Trans Canada Route, Suite 106, Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4T 1T3

Phone: 514-332-2807

Saturday- Sunday: Closed


In Kenedacom Data recovery Inc, you've found probably the most substantial and best data recovery Canada.

The ability to operate 24 hours a day and a full week of operations is worth admiring and commendable. Apart from prompting the mind-blowing customer support, this Canada hats drive data recovery service doesn't put anything back while retrieving the lost data from the hard drive. Regardless of how complicated data loss of the hard drive was, it doesn't take any time getting back the lost data.

kenedacom data recovery service

Top 5: Vital Data Recovery

Address: Vital Data Recovery 3333 Cavendish Blvd, Suite 240 Montreal QC H4B 2M5 Canada

Phone:(514) 570-0775

Working Hours: 24/7


As the name suggests, Vital Data recovery is a fairly unique and recommended data recovery Canada service. After visiting the data recovery service, you'll only need to pick up the phone number or just navigate to the address given there to start retrieving the lost data from the hard drive. Apart from offering the quick services, you won't see this absolutely courageous and mind blowing Canda data recovery service charging you the extra money.

vital data recovery

Top 6: iCube Development

Working Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm; Friday to Sunday: Closed

Address: iCube Development (Calgary) Ltd. #200-10655 Southport Road SW Calgary AB T2W 4Y1

Phone: (403) 668-1700


You won't regret visiting the iCube development and such is the command and excellence of data recovery service this data recovery Canada comes prompts. Whether you're looking to recover the data from the corrupted hard drive or you deleted the data unintentionally, iCube Development won't disappoint you, enabling you to recover almost all types of data at affordable and cheap rates.

On top of that, you don't have to worry about the quality of the data as it retains the original data quality regardless of the type of data you're willing to get back.

cube development data recovery service

Part 3: The Risk of Data Recovery Service Data Recovery Canada

Opting for data recovery in Canada could be costly. Thus, if you want to go for affordable services and don't want to get your computer damaged while retrieving lost data, acquiring the services of the 4DDiG Data Recovery is most recommended. When it comes to the data recovery service vs data recovery software debate, a third-party data recovery tool is the ultimate winner courtesy of tools like 4DDiG Data Recovery.

With this tool, you've got the leverage to recover the lost data from most storage devices, and getting back the 2000+ types of data is most recommended. Apart from offering the fast scanning speed, 4DDiG Data Recovery ensures that the quality of data doesn't get compromised in the due process.


Secure Download


Secure Download

  • Install the 4DDiG Data Recovery and start the program afterwards. Navigate to the location you've lost the data from.

    install the 4ddig tool
  • Click on the Start icon to initiate scanning for the lost data.

    click on scan icon
  • Preview the data and press the Recover icon to begin recovering the lost data.

    tenorshare 4ddig data recovery software

Secure Download


Secure Download


If you're searching for the best data recovery in Canada, this guide has everything for you. We have listed the popular and most reliable ways to recover lost data from a hard drive, and all the options won't disappoint you when it comes to recovering lost data. 4DDiG Data Recovery emerges as the best way to restore damaged or lost data without extra effort.

FAQs About Data Recovery Services Canada You Must Know

Q1: How much does data recovery cost in Canada?

The data recovery cost in Canada is fairly expensive, ranging from $300 to $400.

Q2: How much does a data recovery service cost?

The amount of money data recovery service tends to cost depends upon the type of data you're willing to get back. You won't be charged with the heavy amount if you want to retrieve less data.

Q3: Is it worth paying for data recovery?

If you're fine with spending a fair amount of money, aiming at the data recovery service won't be bad. You can simply visit the official webpage of the data recovery service before making an appointment and getting back the lost data.

Q4: Does data recovery work?

Data recovery service works appropriately; you can use it to effortlessly retrieve lost data from hard drives. You can book the appointment of the affordable data recovery service to retrieve the lost data.

Q5: Is there a free data recovery?

4DDiG Data Recovery is a brilliant free tool to scan for lost data, allowing you to restore it quickly. The significant thing to like about the 4DDiG Data Recovery is that its premium package also doesn't charge much money.

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