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Supported File Types

4DDiG Online Audio Repair supports mp3, aac, wav, and other popular audio formats.

  • MP3 Repair
    MP3 Repair

    Repair all corrupt mp3 files, including music, dubs, and recordings.

  • AAC Repair
    AAC Repair

    Repair AAC music files on platforms such as Apple iTunes, YouTube, and others.

  • Ape Repair
    APE Repair

    Repair the most popular digital music file format APE with ease.

  • WAV Repair
    WAV Repair

    Restore the distorted WAV file for whatever reason.

  • AIFF Repair
    AIFF Repair

    Fix corrupt and non-playing AVI videos on computers and removable media.

  • DSD Repair
    DSD Repair

    Failed to play the DSD file from HD tracks? It's time for 4DDiG Online Audio Repair.

  • FLAC Repair
    FLAC Repair

    FLAC file is corrupted during the download or transfer? Use 4DDiG Online Audio Repair to start repair.

  • ALAC Repair
    ALAC Repair

    Do you have problems playing ALAC audio? We can assist you in playing it back flawlessly.

More Features About 4DDiG Online Audio Repair

See how the features can make your Online Audio Repair easier and more safe.

  • Completely free
    Completely Free

    Your damaged audio files can be fixed at no cost.

  • All You Need Is a Browser
    Online Repair

    Online audio repair is possible without downloading any software.

  • Keep your data safe
    100% Data Security

    With multiple encryption protection, we keep nothing of your personal data.

  • Quick and Effective
    Quick & Effective

    Repair broken audio files quickly and efficiently.

People Also Ask

The metadata of your audio files might become a major source of audio damage on your PC. If you purposefully or unintentionally modified the information or header of your audio file, this can create distortion and ruin the file.

4DDiG Online Audio Repair Tool can repair corrupted audio files by adding corrupted audio files, repairing corrupted audio files, and exporting corrupted files. Only 3 steps can bring damaged audio back to life.

To repair damaged MP3 files, you need to download a MP3 Repair Tool. If you don't want to pay or install any software, you can try 4DDiG Online Audio Repair.