HDD Raw Copy Tool Download Free & Best Alternative [2024]

HDD Raw Copy Tool is a powerful utility for duplicating storage devices with copying capabilities. Get HDD Raw Copy Tool Download Free and the best alternative for it.

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Are you looking for efficient hard disk cloning software? Disk cloning basically means copying every bit of information from the hard drive of a computer to another disk. HDD Raw Copy Tool is a reliable software for doing hard disk duplication. However, if you want an alternate tool to do the sector-by-sector copy of your hard disk, this article will suggest the best alternative. So, keep reading and find out the best HDD Raw Copy Tool Alternative.

Part 1: Overview of HDD Raw Copy Tool

Sometimes you may have issues while migrating data from a corrupted drive to a working one. The best solution to recover data from a damaged drive is to create a raw copy of the drive while skipping bad sectors to secure the files. That's when you will need a free HDD Raw Copy Tool. A raw copy of a drive is the exact copy of the drive's used and unused sectors. A raw copy is useful for transferring data and quick recovery.

HDD Raw Copy Tool is a compatible utility program. It is efficient for hard disk duplication and image creation. Here are the key features of this tool:

  • This program supports a wide range of interfaces. For example, S-ATA (SATA), IDE (E-IDE), SCSI, SAS, USB, FIREWIRE.
  • Also, it supports Big drives (LBA-48).
  • The supported HDD/SSD manufacturers of this utility are Intel, OCZ, Samsung, Kingston, Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum, Western Digital, and many more.
  • This utility program also supports low-level duplication of FLASH cards like SD/MMC, MemoryStick, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, XD via a card-reader.
  • This utility is convenient for use because it can make exact duplicates of SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI or SSD hard disk drives.
  • It also works well with any USB and FIREWIRE external drive enclosures.
  • This compatible tool creates a sector-by-sector copy of all the areas of the hard drive including the MBR, boot records, all partitions along with space in between.
  • HDD Raw Copy Tool has no limitations in compatibility. It operates well on Windows, Linux, Mac, or any other OS with any number of partitions, even with hidden ones.
  • It has the unique feature of skipping the bad sectors while cloning disks.

Part 2: HDD Raw Copy Tool Free Download on Windows

HDD Raw Copy Tool Download procedure is quite simple. You just need to follow the our HDD Raw copy Tool Tutorial to run this tool on your Windows device.

  • First, go to your browser or Google Chrome to download the HDD Raw Copy Tool for free.
  • Go to the search bar then and type HDD Raw Copy Tool.
  • You will get a few websites offering a free download option for this utility program. For example, you can download the HDD Raw Copy Tool or HDD Raw Copy Portable on hddguru.com.
  • Then go to the website and look for the HDD Raw Copy Tool Free Download button.
  • Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
  • Wait for a moment to complete the download process. Now launch the tool to clone your hard disk.

Part 3: Free Download the Best HDD Raw Copy Tool Alternative on Windows

HDD Raw Copy Tool is a free disk cloning software. Users like this tool because it can effortlessly complete the disk duplication process. Sometimes this copy tool may not be compatible with the other installed applications of your device and the program may crash frequently. In this case, you need to look for a HDD Raw Copy Tool Alternative.

4DDiG Partition Manager is such a free disk cloning software. It is efficient in hard drive cloning even on failing disks. If you want to make a sector-by-sector copy of your hard drive, 4DDiG Partition Manager is the best alternative to the HDD Raw Copy Tool you can find on the internet.

Let's look at the key features of 4DDiG Partition Manager now.

  • It is an All-in-One Disk Partition Manager.
  • Without reinstalling the system, you can migrate Windows OS to SSD with just one click.
  • You can effectively clone your entire hard drive to back up your data.
  • 4DDiG Partition Manager can effortlessly repair, recover and restore partitions from computers and other storage devices.
  • It can easily convert MBR to GPT for Windows 11 Upgrade without data loss.
  • It can also flexibly resize, split, create, delete and format partitions to optimize disk space.
  • It is a software designed for home or business users.

Now it is time to discuss the step-by-step process of how to use 4DDiG Partition Manager to create a RAW copy of an HDD or SSD.

  • First, download and install the 4DDiG Partition Manager on your computer. Then connect an external disk to your computer. Now launch the application and select “Clone Disk”.


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    download and launch 4DDiG Partition Manager
  • Now you have to select a target disk to receive cloned data from the source disk. The target disk defaults to the disk you have connected to the computer in the previous step. After that click on the Continue button.

    clone using 4DDiG Partition Manager
  • Disk cloning will overwrite all data on the target disk. So, keep that in mind and confirm that everything is correct. Now click on the Sure button.

    click on sure button to clone your HDD using 4DDiG Partition Manager
  • Now you will be shown a preview interface of the effect of the cloned disk. If the preview is correct, confirm it and click on the Start button to start the cloning operation.

    click on start to clone your desired HDD using 4DDiG Partition Manager
  • Wait for a few moments for the disk cloning to complete. The speed of cloning depends on the size of your source disk. So, meanwhile, do not perform other operations or interrupt the current operation. You can create a raw copy of an HDD or SSD with 4DDiG Partition Manager with these simple steps.

    Finish Clone your HDD using 4DDiG Partition Manager

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Part 4: When Would It Be Necessary to Create an HDD Raw Copy?

Creating an HDD raw copy becomes essential for many reasons. Especially, it is necessary when you need to create a copy of the falling or damaged drive for data recovery. Also, you need to make a raw copy of your HDD for migrating data including operating system, app configurations, user data and other files on an old drive to a new one. So, it is important to create an HDD raw copy when you need the exact duplicate of your hard drive. It will help you do the exact cloning of your disk. It will even clone the hidden partitions and files while hard drive duplication.


Hope you got a complete idea about how to use the HDD RAW Copy Tool for free. If you face any problem while operating this utility tool, there is an HDD Raw Copy Tool alternative for you. 4DDiG Partition Manager is such software to do a copy of your hard disk. Hopefully, you have understood the above-mentioned steps of using 4DDiG Partition Manager software clearly. This software will take all your tension away from the hard disk duplication process.


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