How to Repair Corrupted/Damaged WMV Files with Ease?

Learn how to fix corrupted WMV files on your Windows 10 or 11 system. Our guide covers all the workable solutions to get your WMP videos back to playing and offers some useful tips to avoid video corruption.

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“I recovered a deleted WMV video on my disk, but when I tried playing it in Windows Media Player, it wouldn’t work. I was puzzled at first because the file was restored in same size, but then I figured it was a corrupt index/header issue. Need a solution to repair WMV file!”

WMV, a video compression format familiar to Windows can sometimes have video playback issues. These problems are often related to video corruption and the reason behind it could be anything. Therefore to play WMV files smoothly you need to fix corruption according to its cause. In this article, we’ll cover how to fix corrupted WMV video files in five ways, why it gets corrupted, and share tips to prevent future issues. So, keep scrolling!

Part 1. Why Do WMV File Get Corrupted?

Knowing why WMV files get corrupted is crucial for avoiding this problem in future. There are many reasons behind WMV files getting corrupted. Let’s take a close look at some common ones:

  • Incorrectly converting WMV files from another format
  • Viruses can damage or make WMV files inaccessible.
  • Unexpected power loss while working on a WMV file
  • Accidental removal or change of .wmv extension
  • Physical issues with storage devices like bad sector
  • Errors during transferring WMV files from one storage device to another

Part 2. How to Fix Corrupted WMV Video Files?

When dealing with video corruption problems affecting WMV files, it's best to employ specialized video repair tools tailored for fixing corrupted WMV videos. Below, we'll introduce several such tools along with other workarounds to address the WMV video not playing issue effectively.

Way 1. Repair WMV File Online

There are online free WMV repair tools like 4DDiG Online Video Repair available for repairing corrupted WMV files. The online free repair tool can fix minor corruption in videos of MP4, MKV and WMV formats, etc, up to 300MB. Check out how to use this tool to fix WMV file online:

  • Visit 4DDiG Free Online Video Repairvia your web browser.
  • Choose “Upload Video” to add your damaged WMV file.

    repair wmv file online
  • The tool will scan for corruption and fix it automatically. Afterward, you can preview the repaired video and download it.

Way 2. Use a WMV Video Repair Tool (Recommend)

To fix severe corruption in WMV files or if you need to repair multiple WMV videos at once, the 4DDiG Video Repair software is your perfect choice. It is specifically designed to fix various video corruption and playback issues, from getting rid of video error codes to resolving blurry or distorted video issues. Moreover, it can repair audio and video out of sync problems and restore soundless footages. Let’s Explore its awesome features:

  • Mend corrupted, jerky, pixelated overexposed, frozen, grainy, blurry, or stuttering videos.
  • Fix slow motion and no audio-in-video problems.
  • Preview repaired videos for free to ensure desired results.
  • Repair multiple files simultaneously in batch mode.
  • Support hard disks, SD cards, USBs, digital cameras, drones, etc.
  • Works with popular video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, MKV, etc.
  • Supports both Windows and Mac systems.

Follow steps below to repair WMV file that’s severely corrupted with 4DDiG Video Repair:

  • Open video repair tool on your computer and choose “Fix Video Errors.” Then press “Start.”


    Secure Download


    Secure Download

    repair wmv file using 4ddig video repair-step 1
  • Choose “Add Video(s) to add your corrupted WMV files to the repair list.

    repair wmv file using 4ddig video repair-step 2
  • Hit “Start Repair” to begin the repairing process and wait for it to finish.

    repair wmv file using 4ddig video repair-step 3
  • Select repaired WMV video for “Export” or if there are more videos to save choose “Export All.”

    repair wmv file using 4ddig video repair-step 4

Way 3. Repair Corrupt WMV File with VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player, a popular open-source multimedia player, includes some basic features for repairing minor corruptions in video files. With its “Always Fix” feature, you can manager to fix corrupted WMV file with ease.

Here’s what you need to follow:

  • Download and open VLC media player on your computer. Head to “Media” tab and choose “Convert/Save.”

    repair wmv file using vlc-step 1
  • Add corrupted WMV video using “Add,” and click “Convert/Save.”

    repair wmv file using vlc-step 2
  • Choose AVI as output format under “Profiles” tab and click Save.

    repair wmv file using vlc-step 3
  • Choose a filename and destination to save the converted file. Hit “Start.” VLC will then convert WMV file to AVI.

    repair wmv file using vlc-step 4
  • Once WMV file is converted to AVI, return to VLC, head to Tools > Prefenences.

    repair wmv file using vlc-step 5
  • Under the “Input/Codecs”tab, select “Always Fix” from drop-down menu next to “Damaged or Incomplete AVI” option and press “Save.”

    repair wmv file using vlc-step 6

Now open the AVI file converted from WMV with VLC, VLC will now repair your AVI file automatically.

Way 4. Install the Compatible Codec for Your Media player

Video files, like WMV, rely on specific codecs for encoding. Sometimes, WMV files may not play properly due to missing or incompatible codecs on the media player. Fixing this requires installing a compatible codec to replace any damaged or missing ones.

You can install K-Lite codec pack, which offers audio and video codecs for Windows DirectShow, letting your system handle formats it usually can’t. Installing the standard version of this pack is enough to cover common audio and video files like AVI, MKV, MP4, etc. Follow steps below to get K-Lite for your media player:

  • Download the basic version of K-Lite Codec Pack and run the installer.

    download k-lite codec pack to fix wmv file-step 1
  • Pick an installation mode and select a folder for the codec.
  • Keep choosing default options, and proceed until you reach a window where you need to check some settings like: video player, preferred audio, player settings. Click Next when done selecting.

    download k-lite codec pack to fix wmv file-step 2
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to configured the remaining settings. Once done, click on “Install” to begin the installation process.
  • After installation, click “Finish” and test whether your Windows Media or VLC player plays WMV files now.

Way 5. Convert WMV File to MP4 Format

Converting the corrupted WMV file to a more widely supported format like MP4 can sometimes fix ‘WMV video not playing’ issue. This is because converting involves decoding original file and re-encoding it to a new format, which can fix small corruptions.

You can use an online service like CloudConvert for conversion. It offers a “pay as you go” model with up to 25 daily conversions for free. Check out instructions below to use CloudConvert:

  • Visit CloudConvert and choose “WMV” to “MP4” options from drop-down menu next to convert.
  • Pick “Select File” to upload corrupted WMV files from your computer.
  • Adjust settings for the output videos, and then hit the “Convert” button to start conversion.

    convert wmv to mp4 to fix wmv file-step 1
  • After the processing is done, download the converted files to your device.

    convert wmv to mp4 to fix wmv file-step 2

Before closing CloudConvert, make sure to verify that the converted MP4 file plays correctly and meets your expectations.

Part 3. Useful Tips to Prevent WMV Files from Corruption

Besides fixing corrupted WMV files, it’s crucial to prevent them from corruption in future. Here are some useful tips:

  • Create multiple backups for important WMV files.
  • Use dependable power sources and backup solutions.
  • Avoid sudden shutdowns or system crashes.
  • Keep your media players and codecs regularly updated.
  • Keep your antivirus software updated to ward off malware.
  • Check storage devices for errors from time to time.

FAQs about Corrupted WMV File Repair

Q1: Why won’t VLC play WMV files?

VLC might not play WMV files due to missing or incompatible codecs. Try updating VLC to the latest version or installing the K-Lite Codec Pack. Additionally, ensure that the WMV file itself is not corrupted.

Q2: How do I open an old WMV file?

To open an old WMV file first find it on your computer or storage device. Then double-click to open it with default media player. If it doesn’t open, right-click and choose “Open with” to select a media player manually.

Q3: How do I fix a corrupted WMV file?

You can fix a corrupted WMV file with specialized video repair software with a high success rate like 4DDiG Video Repair or utilize the Always Fix feature in VLC media player. Or you can convert the WMV file to a different video file format like MP4.

Final Thoughts

From missing file extensions to video codec issues, there’s always something causing WMV file corruption. However, you fix this corruption with help of five solutions mentioned below. But we recommend 4DDiG Video Repair tool as the best choice. It can repair WMV file and many other popular video formats that are severely corrupted plus various video playback errors automatically with a high success rate. No need for manual intervention!

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