7 Easy Ways for Bitcoin Recovery: Step-By-Step Guide

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Losing the Bitcoin wallet is a terrifying situation no one wants to deal with, especially if the wallet holds a significant Bitcoin amount. However, it is not uncommon for people to lose their Bitcoin wallets. If you are also trapped in a similar frustrating situation, then don't panic. You still have a strong chance to recover lost Bitcoin. In this guide, we are presenting 7 easy and proven ways for Bitcoin Recovery you can try. So, keep reading to learn all about Bitcoin Recovery and the methods + steps you need to follow to recover lost Bitcoin.

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Part 1: What is Bitcoin Recovery? Is Bitcoin Recovery Real?

Bitcoin recovery is the process of regaining access to an inaccessible/lost Bitcoin wallet. This may raise a question in your mind: can I recover my lost Bitcoin?

Basically, Bitcoins are stored on the hard drive of a computer or digital device as a digital wallet file. Once the wallet file gets lost, corrupted, or accidentally deleted, the Bitcoins linked to that wallet become inaccessible. So, Bitcoin recovery implies using different ways to recover lost wallet files or private keys.

Simply put, Bitcoin recovery is real and possible. However, its success depends on different factors, such as the type of wallet, the extent of file corruption, and similar others. Let's now proceed to the next part and discuss how to recover Bitcoin wallet using 7 proven methods.

Part 2: How Can Bitcoin Be Recovered (7 Ways)

Today, there are multiple Bitcoin recovery methods you can use. To ease this process, we have shortlisted 7 best methods you should try to recover Bitcoin wallet:

1. Recover Lost Bitcoins from Automated Cloud Backup

If you were lucky enough to back up wallets using the automated backup through Apple or Google cloud, then you can recover lost Bitcoins this way. All you need to do is enter the master password, which you set up when creating the backup of your wallet.

Follow the below steps to perform Bitcoin recovery from automated cloud backup:

  • Download the Bitcoin.com wallet app and select "Import wallet".
  • Use either Apple or Google cloud to sign in.
  • Enter your cloud backup master password.

    recover lost bitcoins from automated cloud backup

Once done, you will be able to access the lost Bitcoins right away. However, if you have pre-installed the app and reached the home screen without wallet restoring from cloud backup, then follow the below steps:

  • Tap "Settings" from the app home screen and select "Backup & Security".
  • Sign in to Apple or Google cloud (if required).
  • Enter the master password.

Once done, you should be able to restore access to your Bitcoin wallet.

2. Recover Bitcoin Wallet by Using Bitcoin Recovery Expert

One of the best ways to recover Bitcoin wallet is by using a Bitcoin recovery expert tool like 4DDiG Data Recovery.

As the name implies, 4DDiG Data Recovery is a data recovery tool that can recover lost wallet files. It can recover files from various storage devices, including hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, and SD cards. Its advanced scanning algorithms can thoroughly scan the storage device and look for lost wallet files or private keys. Once detected, it can recover the wallet file and let you access your Bitcoin wallet.Simply put, 4DDiG Data Recovery is the ideal Bitcoin recovery expert you want to seamlessly recover Bitcoin wallet.


Secure Download


Secure Download

Follow the below steps to use 4DDiG Data Recovery to recover Bitcoin wallet:

  • Download and install 4DDiG Data Recovery on your Windows or Mac system. Launch the tool and select the drive from which the wallet files were lost. Lastly, click "Start" to begin scanning.

    ddig interface
  • The scanning process will begin. So, wait for it to complete.

    ddig interface
  • After scanning, preview the recoverable file. Select the wallet-related files you want to recover and click "Recover".

    ddig interface

Secure Download


Secure Download

This way, you can quickly recover Bitcoin wallet using the intuitive approach of 4DDiG Data Recovery.

3. Recover Bitcoin Wallet from 12-Word Seed Phrases

You are also able to add any supported wallet you backed up previously by typing the 12-word passphrase for each wallet. So, here's how to recover Bitcoin wallet from 12-word seed phrases:

  • Open the Bitcoin.com wallet app and click the "Add/Import" button from the home screen.
  • Click "Import Wallet".
  • Select the wallet type to recover under the "Recovery Phrase" tab.
  • Type a 12-word recovery phrase or scan the QR code.

    recover bitcoin wallet from 12-word seed phrases

This way, you can manually recover Bitcoin wallet from 12-word seed phrases.

4. Recover Lost Bitcoins by Checking Your Transaction History

You can easily track the past journey of your crypto by looking into the transaction history through the wallet app or crypto exchange. Secondly, it can also facilitate Bitcoin recovery from scammers, as you can look into any unauthorized withdrawal of crypto.

To view transaction history, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Bitcoin.com wallet app and click the "Funds" icon from the bottom toolbar.
  • Select Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Choose the wallet of the transaction. It will display the transaction history.
  • Click on the suspicious transaction to get more details.

    checking your transaction history

This way, you can recover lost Bitcoins by checking your transaction history.

5. Recover Bitcoin Wallet by Contacting the Authorities

If you suspect that you have been scammed and your Bitcoins are stolen, then you should contact the authorities (police) to initiate Bitcoin scam recovery. If it is found that your funds are stolen, the police can begin the investigation and recover your funds. Mostly, transactions are tracked using the transaction ledgers.

Do keep in mind that the authorities won't always be able to recover your funds. Some crypto scammers use sophisticated techniques that make it really hard to recover Bitcoin wallet.

6. Recover Lost Bitcoins by Contacting Your Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchange can also help in recovering lost Bitcoins. It can confirm if any funds are pending in the transaction you authorized previously or if a withdrawal is made without your knowledge.


This Bitcoin recovery approach is best suited if you use a single crypto exchange or you know which wallet you use on which exchange. However, if you are not aware of the crypto exchange you used last time while trading with a specific wallet, then this approach doesn't seem effective.

7. Recover Lost Bitcoins from Bitcoin Recovery Services

If none of the above solutions has solved the problem for you, then you should contact Bitcoin recovery services.

bitcoin recovery services

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin recovery is possible if you use the right techniques. Above, we have discussed multiple ways to recover a Bitcoin wallet. So, we recommend you use the above methods one by one until you are able to recover Bitcoin. However, if you have lost Bitcoin wallet access due to data loss, then simply opt for 4DDiG Data Recovery. Its powerful scan and recovery through a wide range of devices make it best to recover lost wallet files instantly.

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