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CorelDraw is a popular vector graphics editor that saves files using the CDR extension. All the files created in the Coreldraw are saved with the extension. CDR. Generally, CDR extension is also related to many other files, but it’s mainly attributed to CorelDRAW. Coreldraw is famous for creating graphical presentations like illustrations, brochures, envelopes, postcards, and web banners. One must put a lot of hard drive work on the CorelDRAW canvas to make something eye-catching and creative.

Imagine losing a CDR file that you’ve been working on for hours, and suddenly, it disappears due to the system or program crash, or you accidentally deleted it from its original location. Indeed, it would be a frustrating experience. If you accidentally deleted or lost the cdr file, this guide will provide the ultimate solution for free download of cdr file recovery software.

cdr file recovery software free download

Part 1: Can I Get CDR File Recovery Software Free Download

Yes, you can get CDR file recovery to recover the lost and deleted CDR files on the computer or other storage device. Various data recovery programs offer free data recovery with simple steps. However, when it comes to recovering the cdr files specifically, the options list shrinks, as few data recovery programs offer free data recovery. Most data recovery programs cover multimedia files such as document audio, image, and video files. However, we dug deeply to find the correct solutions and came up with a few of them. We’ve shortlisted the ultimate ways how to recover CorelDraw file with free CDR file recovery software. You need to make sure of when you lose or delete a CDR file by stopping using your computer or a storage device from which you lost or deleted the CDR file. If the data is overwritten, it’ll make the deleted data's traces disappear, narrowing down the chances for data recovery.

Part 2: Use 4DDiG Free to Get CDR File Recovery Software Free Download

One of the free data recovery programs is the 4DDiG Free Data Recovery. It is famous for recovering many file formats and supports cdr. The program is designed to simplify the complex data recovery process. It offers a one-click solution; you don’t need to go through many steps to find and recover CDR files. Instead, select the targeted file’s format, and it’ll start scanning the selected storage device for the desired files. 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery comes at a price tag but also offers a free version, which lets you recover 2GB of data. If you have less than 2GB CDR files to recover, it’s free. Here’s how to use 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery to recover CDR files.


Secure Download


Secure Download

  • Download and install the 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery program. Launch it, and select the disk drive from which you want to recover the lost/deleted CDR file. Then, hit the Start button to initiate.

    nas recovery
  • 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery will immediately start scanning to find the lost and deleted files on the selected disk drive. You can pause and stop this when the desired files are found. However, you can use the filter options to make searching for the desired files easier.

  • After discovering the files, you can browse them to find the desired ones. Once found, you can preview the files to confirm. Once you’re ready to recover the files, select them and hit the Recover button to move them to a secure location.


Part 3: How to Restore without CDR File Recovery Software Free Download

Generally, people look for software programs as they provide effortless, efficient solutions to problems. Similarly, data recovery programs offer the best solution in case of data loss for accidental or other reasons.

But, if you didn’t find the desired results with the above method or want to try another method, here’s another method to recover the Corel draw file.

Windows and Mac OS offer backup features to safely secure the data and perform the restoration in case of data deletion or loss. Windows offers File History, and Mac comes with Time Machine. Both take the backup of the selected folder (by the user) at predefined intervals and save them.

These features are turned off by default and need to be enabled manually to activate them. If the File History or Time Machine was enabled during the data loss of CDR files, there is a good chance you can recover them using this method.

  • Go to the Start Menu, search for File History, and launch it.
  • Select the Restore your file with the File history.
  • Click on Restore personal files.

    personal files
  • Find the folder storing missing/deleted cdr files.
  • Go through the backup files until you find the correct version of the lost cdr files.
  • Once found, select them and hit the Recovery button.

    recovery button

Mac OS Time Machine

  • Press Command + Space Bar to launch the Time Machine.
  • Find the relevant folder where you had stored the cdr file.
  • Go through the backup files in the time machine until you find the desired Cdr files.
  • Select the CDR files and click the Restore option to move them to a secure location.

    command space

Part 4: FAQs

Q 1: How do I recover a lost CDR file?

How to recover Corel draw files is the most commonly asked question due to the unique extension used by the program. However, you can use the trash/recycle bin, CorelDraw AutoSave, Restore Previous Versions on Windows, and 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery.

Q 2: How do I fix a corrupt CDR file?

The corrupted cdr files can be repaired using a range of methods. It includes built-in Windows tools such as System File Checker and Chkdks and third-party file recovery programs like the 4DIG Windows Data Recovery program.

Q 3: How do I recover an unsaved CorelDRAW file?

If you forgot to save the CorelDRAW file or the program crashed, you can recover it through the Temp files, backup files, or restore from the previous version (if enabled during the data loss) and CorelDraw AutoSave.

Q 4: What Is CDR File?

CDR file is the vector image format created by the CorelDRAW program. CorelDraw uses the CDR format to store all the elements of the designs, such as texts, shapes, images, and many more. CDR files store their contents using mathematical paths, which doesn’t affect the quality.


In this guide, we discuss how to get CDR file recovery software for free download in 2024. The cdr files are created using the vector graphics program called CorelDraw. Losing the CDR file can be a frustrating experience as not many people know the way out of this. However, you can quickly recover the Cdr files with the right tools and guidance. In this guide, we explained the CDR file recovery software free download and how to recover it with the 4DDiG Free Data Recovery program - offering a one-click solution to recover lost and deleted CDR files.

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