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The iPhone provides various ways to back up your important data to prevent losing it in case of any mishap. Still, the iPhone isn’t indestructible and may corrupt your data for various reasons. The iPhone iOS data recovery apps can be the savior in such scenarios and help you recover it. Various free iPhone recovery softwares are available, but you don’t want to reduce data recovery chances by using the wrong tool. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you land on the best iPhone recovery softwares in 2024.

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Part 1: Why Choose Free iPhone Recovery Software?

iPhone data recovery software mostly comes with a paid subscription and is expensive. That’s because the person needing the tool is desperate to recover the lost, deleted, and corrupted data. However, getting a trial of the tool before buying its paid version is essential.

The free version of the data recovery tool will give you an idea of what the tool is capable of and whether it is worth buying according to your requirements. Some data recovery software provides a free trial with limited storage, while others are free.

We recommend you don’t use any software recovery tool without knowing its reviews, as the wrong tool will shrink the chances of data recovery on the drive. After testing it in different scenarios, we’ve curated a list of the best 5 free iPhone recovery softwares in 2024. Go through the list and know what suits you best.

Part 2: The Best 5 Free iPhone Recovery Software

Whether you’ve lost the data due to an accidental deletion, system crash, or data corruption, your only hope should be the free iPhone recovery software. Here are the 5 best iPhone recovery software that you can use to recover lost/deleted data from an iPhone.

Top 1: 4DDiG Free Data Recovery

4DDiG Free Data Recovery is software designed to help users recover lost, deleted, and corrupted data from various storage devices. It supports the iPhone/iPad, hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, and USB flash drives.

The tool lets you recover the lost data of various types in a simple 3 steps process. You only need to launch the tool, select the storage device, and run the scanning process. Depending on the device's storage size, it’ll complete scanning and show the recoverable files you can preview.

The best thing about the 4DDiG Free Data Recovery is its high success rate due to the advanced algorithms. In our testing, it even found the files deleted months ago. The preview option is also helpful in recovering the correct files out of the hundreds. This feature is primarily available in the paid data recovery tools, but 4DDiG offers it in the free version.


Secure Download


Secure Download

Here’s how 4DDiG Free Data Recovery works and how to recover the lost and deleted data with simple 3 steps:

  • Launch the 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery tool after installing it on the computer. Connect the iPhone to the computer using a compatible cable and select it on the tools' interface. Click on Start to initiate the scanning process.

    If you want to recover the data from the SD card, choose the SD Card from the left sidebar and select the files you wish to recover.

  • The 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery will start the scanning process immediately. You can pause and stop this process once the desired files are found. You can also use the filter options to narrow your search to the targeted files.

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  • Once the scanning process is completed, you can preview the files by double-clicking them. To recover them. Select the desired files and hit the Recover button to move them to a secure location.

    save recovered files

Top 2: Tenorshare UltData for Free iPhone Recovery Software

Tenorshare UltData is designed to recover lost and deleted data from iPhone and iPad devices. The free version of the tool offers various advanced features and functions, which makes the data recovery process simple and easy.

Using Tenorshare UltData Recovery, you can recover data from within the iPhone iCloud and iTunes backups. Besides this, you can selectively recover the data from the different 3rd party apps, such as WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and more.

Whether you want to recover lost photos, videos, documents, audio, or specific app data, Tenorshare UltData lets you do it free of cost. It’s compatible with all the iOS versions of the iPhone, including the latest iOS 18. Tenorshare Ultdata is the best data recovery software to recover lost/deleted data from a specific 3rd party app.

Steps to recover data using Tenorshare UltData for free iPhone recovery software:

  • Install the Tenorshare UltData software on your computer and launch it. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a compatible cable, and select Recover Data from iOS Devices.

  • The program will ask you for the file types on the next screen. Select the file types you want the tool to recover from the iPhone device, and click the Scan button.

    start scan
  • Once the scanning process is completed, you’ll see the recoverable files on the screen. You can preview the files before recovering them in a secure location. To recover the file, select it and hit the Recover button.

    review photos ios

Top 3: Free iPhone Data Recovery

As the software name suggests, it’s a free iPhone data recovery tool that lets you recover the data without breaking the bank. Besides recovering multimedia files such as photos, videos, documents, and audio, it can also recover call logs and voicemail messages.

The tools provide a clean and minimalistic user interface to elevate the user experience and simplify the data recovery process. Most importantly, it offers preview options like the other tools mentioned above to narrow the search to the targeted files. Free iPhone data recovery can also recover data lost due to the iPhone's jailbreak.

The only downside of free iPhone data recovery software is that it doesn’t let you save the recovered files to the computer. In order to move the recoverable files from the direct tool to the computer, you need to purchase the premium version, priced at $79.95.

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Top 4: Leawo iOS Data Recovery for Free iPhone Recovery Software

Leawo iOS Data Recovery is another free iPhone data recovery software. It lets you recover photos, videos, audio, and document files to call logs, voicemails, and contacts. It offers convenient data recovery in various scenarios, such as data lost due to corruption, jailbreak, accidental damage, or device crashes.

Even though the Leawo iOS Data Recovery is the free iPhone recovery software, it still offers the preview option in the free version, making it more straightforward to recover the targeted files. The tool offers a high success rate when recovering files of small size. In large files, scanning can be time-consuming and produce fewer results.

The free version of the software is limited, which is suitable for testing out the function and features. However, if you want to recover the large files, you’ll need to buy the premium version.


Top 5: Brorsoft iRefone Free iPhone Recovery Software

Brorsoft iRefone is the new competitor in the world of free iPhone recovery software. It’s slowly gaining a reputation and becoming famous for its simple, convenient data recovery solution for iPhone users. It offers all the basic recovery features and lets you recover files such as photos, videos, audio, documents, etc.

One of the unique features of the Brorsoft iRefone Free is the backup feature, which allows you to create a backup of the recovered data on the PC or other storage device. The tool will work with the older iOS versions, as the last update was in 2017. You can perform the data recovery process on an old iPhone running an old iOS version.

Part 3: FAQ about Free iPhone Recovery Software

Q 1: Is PhoneRescue free for iPhone?

No, PhoneRescue isn’t completely free for iPhones. It lets you scan and preview the recoverable files for free. However, in order to recover the files and move them to a secure location in the storage device, you need to pay for the full version.

Q 2: Do iPhone recovery programs work?

IPhone recovery programs help recover lost, deleted, and corrupted data. They use advanced algorithms to find the lost and deleted data from the storage. However, the success rate of the iPhone recovery programs may vary.

Q 3: How can I restore my iPhone for free?

4DDiG Windows Data Recovery is a reliable and efficient tool to recover and restore your iPhone for free. Whether you lost the data due to accidental deletion, system crash, or data corruption, it offers a one-click solution to fix an iPhone for free.

Q 4: How to factory reset an iPhone without iTunes iCloud, or a computer?

You can factory reset an iPhone without iTunes, iCloud, or a computer efficiently. The iPhone provides a factory reset option in the settings. You can access it by navigating to the Settings app >> General >> Reset. Enter the required passcode and follow the onscreen instructions.


An iOS data recovery app can become a savior when you’ve lost important data on your iPhone. Whether you’ve lost the data due to accidental deletion or a system crash, you can easily recover it using the free iPhone recovery software mentioned in the guide. In this guide, we discussed the 5 best iphone recovery softwares you can use to recover any lost data. In terms of functionality, features, and user interface, we found that 4DDiG Free Data Recovery offers a complete package for free iPhone data recovery.

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