PDF File Damaged and Cannot Be Repaired? Fix It with Video Guide

Don’t fret if you’re seeing the error message ‘PDF file damaged and cannot be repaired’ in Acrobat Reader. Free download 4DDiG File Repair and let it how you fix damaged PDF files instantly.

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While opening a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you are getting the error message saying that “There is an error opening the document. The PDF file damaged and cannot be repaired,” you are not alone. Many users have the same complaint where their PDF files suddenly get corrupted and refuse to open in PDF readers.

PDF corruption can occur due to various reasons, such as incomplete downloads, file system errors, or issues with the PDF creation process. Whatever the cause, the good news is that there are steps you can take to salvage your damaged PDF and restore access to its contents. In this guide, we'll explore some techniques and file repair software to help you fix your damaged PDF files instantly.

pdf file damaged and cannot be repaired

Part 1. Can a Damaged PDF File Be Repaired?

Yes. If a PDF file gets damaged, you can often fix it using special PDF repair software that is designed to analyze and repair the issues. These tools use smart techniques to reconstruct the damaged parts and helps recover as much as data possible. You can also try opening the file in different PDF readers or converting it to another format, which might help you get at least some of the content. But if the damage is severe, you might not be able to fully restore the file, and you'll need to extract what you can or start over. It's a good idea to regularly back up important PDFs so you have a clean copy to fall back on if something goes wrong.

Part 2. How you Fix PDF File Damaged and Cannot Be Repaired

While Acrobat Reader itself cannot fix a damaged PDF file, there are several solutions available to repair and reopen it. Here, we'll show you what to do if PDF file is damaged and cannot be repaired.

Way 1. Repair Damaged PDF File with 4DDiG File Repair

When faced with the error message "PDF file is damaged and could not be repaired" in Adobe Acrobat Reader, turning to a professional PDF file repair tool is your best bet. We highly recommend 4DDiG File Repair, a leading software capable of instantly fixing damaged or corrupted files, including PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. No matter how bad the damage or the corruption level may be, 4DDiG File Repair repairs PDF files with a high success rate and speed.

Here are some key features of 4DDiG File Repair that distinguish it from other PDF file repair tools.

  • Repairs PDF files that are not opening or with any level of damage or corruption.
  • Recovers PDF files that display blank content or gibberish texts.
  • Uses advanced algorithms to repair complex issues smoothly.
  • Supports PDF files created with different PDF file creators.
  • Repairs hundreds of PDF files in batch to save time.
  • Previews the repaired PDF files before saving them.
  • High speed and high accuracy repair.

Here are the simple steps to repair damaged PDF files via 4DDiG File Repair.


Secure Download


Secure Download

  • Launch 4DDiG File Repair and click the File Repair option on the left menu. Then elect the damaged PDF files from your storage to upload.

    add corrupted pdf files to 4ddig file repair
  • Click the Start Repair button located at the top-right corner. The tool will scan the files for any error and repair them instantly.

    start repairing pdf files
  • Once the repair process is complete, click on the repaired PDF files to preview them.

    preview repaired pdf files
  • Finally, select the repaired PDF files and click the Export All button to save them to your storage devices.

    export repaired pdf files

Way 2. Disable Enhanced Security

Adobe Acrobat Reader comes with an Enhanced Security option that protects your computer by blocking suspicious PDF files.If you’re trying to open a PDF file downloded from unknown sources, Acro bat Reader is likely to block the file from opening and throwing you the “PDF file damaged and cannot be repaired" error. To resolve this, follow these steps to disable this Enhanced Security option in Acrobat Reader.

  • Open Adobe Acrobat Reader and go to the Edit menu. Click the Preferences option.
  • On the Preferences window, click the Security(Enhanced) option from the left menu.
  • From the right side, you need to uncheck the Enable Enhanced Security options.

    acrobat enhanced security
  • Click the OK button and relaunch Acrobat Reader to see if your PDF file opens now.

Way 3. Repair Acrobat Reader

If the issue persists, it may be necessary to repair the Acrobat Reader software itself. Acrobat Reader can experience internal issues that affect its functionality, leading to errors such as "PDF file damaged and cannot be repaired." To repair Acrobat Reader, follow these steps.

  • Press the Windows+R keys to open the Run dialog box. Type “appwiz.cpl” in the Run dialog box.
  • In the Programs and Features window, select Acrobat Reader and click the Change option.

    repair acrobat reader-step 1
  • In the Setup window, select the “Repair Installation Errors…” option and click the Next button.

    repair acrobat reader-step 2
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the repair process. Restart your computer and open the PDF file in Acrobat Reader now.

Way 4. Update Adobe Acrobat Reader to the Latest Version

Sometimes, encountering the "Adobe file is damaged and could not be repaired" error message can be due to using an outdated version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If the PDF file was created with a newer version of Acrobat Reader and you're trying to open it with an older version, compatibility issues may arise. To resolve this, updating Adobe Acrobat Reader to the latest version is recommended. Here's how you can do it:

  • Open Acrobat Reader and go to the Help menu.
  • Click the Check for Updates option.

    acrobat reader check for updates
  • If any updated version is available, go ahead and install the latest version following the on-screen instructions.
  • Relaunch Acrobat Reader and open the target PDF file again.

Way 5. Open the PDF with Another PDF Reader

When the above solutions are not working as planned, another option is to try opening the PDF file with a different PDF reader. Sometimes, certain PDF readers may handle damaged files better than others and allow you to open the file without encountering the error message.

There are several alternative PDF readers available, such as Foxit Reader, FineReader PDF, SumatraPDF, or Nitro PDF Reader. You can download and install one of these alternative PDF readers on your computer, then open the problematic PDF file using the newly installed software. If the PDF file opens in other PDF readers, the issue is with Acrobat Reader. In this case, consider contact Adobe support.

Way 6. Redownload the PDF File

If you cannot open PDF because the file has been damaged after you downloaded it, you should consider redownloading the PDF file again. It is quite possible that the download process was interrupted due to internet connectivity issues, which led to a damaged PDF file. Redownload the PDF file, and if possible, scan the PDF file for viruses and malware before opening it in Acrobat Reader.

Part 3. How to Prevent PDF File from Being Damaged?

To prevent PDF files from being damaged in the future, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • Do not interrupt the download process when downloading PDF files.
  • Do not interrupt the transfer process when transferring PDF files from one place to another.
  • Do not restart your computer abruptly while a PDF file is open in the background.
  • Keep scanning your computer for antiviruses and malware that can damage PDF files.
  • Use a reliable PDF convertor when converting files from any other format to PDF format.

PDF File Damaged and Cannot Be Repaired FAQs

Q1: Why does my PDF say it's damaged?

Acrobat Reader says that your PDF file is damaged when it cannot process the content on the PDF file for displaying on the screen. Acrobat Reader runs a basic repair program to fix the file instantly. But it fails, it shows that the PDF file is damaged and cannot be repaired.

Q2: How do you fix the file is damaged and could not be repaired?

You’ll need a professional PDF file repair tool to fix the PDF file that is damaged and could not be repaired by Acrobat Reader. We recommend 4DDiG File Repair which can report PDF files with any level of damaged or corruption in a few minutes.

Q3: How do you open a PDF that says it is damaged?

You can use another PDF reader to open a PDF file that Acrobat Reader deems damaged. If the file still does not open, you need to use 4DDiG File Repair to fix the damaged PDF file and recover it completely.


In summary, when faced with the "PDF file damaged and cannot be repaired" error in Acrobat Reader, try using 4DDiG File Repair first. This dedicatedly-designed tool will hopefully to fix your corrupted and damaged PDF files with ease. If the problem persists, you may need to update Acrobat Reader to the latest version or repair Acrobat Reader. Additionally, consider disabling the Enhanced Security option to troubleshoot the issue. If all of them fail to work, trying out an alternative PDF reader for opening the damaged PDF file or re-downloading it. Remember to always keep backups of your important PDF documents to prevent data loss in case of file corruption.


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