Are you tired of capturing stunning moments, only to discover that your photos are ruined by unsightly grain? If so, you're probably looking for ways to fix grainy photos. Don't worry. While grainy photos can be a challenge for photographers, whether they're professionals or amateurs, fortunately, there are expert techniques available to help you overcome this problem and restore the clarity and sharpness of your images.

In this comprehensive guide, we will share four expert methods that will help you remove grain from your photos like a pro. So, let's dive in and learn how to fix grainy photos and enhance their quality in just a few minutes.

how to fix grainy photos
  1. Part 1. Why Are My Photos Grainy?
  2. Part 2. How to Fix Grainy Photos?
  3. Part 3. How to Avoid Grainy Photos?

Part 1. Why Are My Photos Grainy?

Grain in photos refers to small specks or dots that reduce sharpness and clarity. Understanding what causes grain in photos is crucial for effective fixes and will help you prevent this issue in the future. Here are the main reasons behind it:

  1. High ISO Settings: Increasing ISO in low-light conditions boosts sensor sensitivity to light but can introduce noise or grain into the image.
  2. Small Sensor Size: Compact cameras and smartphones have smaller image sensors compared to professional-grade cameras. The smaller sensor size increases the likelihood of grain in photos, particularly in low-light conditions.
  3. Long Exposures: When using long exposure times, the camera sensor is exposed to light for an extended period. This prolonged exposure can increase heat on the sensor, leading to increased noise and grain in the image.
  4. Underexposure: Brightening underexposed photos during post-processing can amplify existing noise and introduce more grain.
  5. Image Compression: When images are heavily compressed, it can lead to the loss of fine details and introduce artifacts that resemble grain.
  6. Incorrect Post-processing: Certain image editing techniques, such as increasing contrast, exposure, or shadows, can enhance existing noise in the image, making it more pronounced and grainy.

Now let's discuss how to fix grainy photos by using different methods.

Part 2. How to Fix Grainy Photos?

As you can see, there are multiple reasons behind grainy photos. Similarly, there are multiple solutions that you can try reduce grain and fix the issue. Let's explore four expert solutions that will help you learn how to make photos less grainy and improve the quality of your already captured grainy photos.

Way 1. Fix Grainy Photos in PhotoShop

Being a photographer, you must know about the power of Adobe PhotoShop in reducing noise and enhancing image quality. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to fix grainy photos in PhotoShop.

  1. Open the grainy photo in PhotoShop.
  2. Duplicate the background layer by right-clicking on it in the Layers panel and selecting "Duplicate Layer." This creates a copy of the original image, allowing you to work non-destructively.
  3. Go to the top menu and choose "Filter" > "Noise" > "Reduce Noise."

    how to fix grainy photos in photoshop-1
  4. In the "Reduce Noise" dialog box, you'll find several sliders to fine-tune the noise reduction process. Adjust each slider according to your preference and the specific characteristics of the photo.

    how to fix grainy photos in photoshop-2
  5. To preview the impact of the noise reduction, check the box in front of the “Remove JPEG Artifact” option. It allows you to compare the before and after results in real time. If needed, click Advanced and make further adjustments to achieve the desired outcome.

    how to fix grainy photos in photoshop-3
  6. Once you're satisfied with the noise reduction settings, click "OK" to apply the changes to your photo. Save the image to preserve the improvements you made.

Way 2. One-Click to Remove Grain from Photos with AI Photo Enhancer

If you don't have PhotoShop installed on your computer and are wondering how to fix grainy photos without PhotoShop, worry not. The 4DDiG Photo Repair tool is here to help. This reliable software acts as both a photo repair tool and an AI photo enhancer. Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, it analyzes and enhances your images, effectively removing grain and improving overall image quality with just one click.

There are lots of features that you can enjoy while using 4DDiG File Repair. Some of them are:

  1. AI-Powered Grain Removal: Uses intelligent algorithms to detect and remove grain from photos effectively.
  2. Automatic Image Enhancement: Enhances various aspects like color, sharpness, and contrast, restoring clarity and sharpness to your images.
  3. Multi-Format and Device Support: Effortlessly enhance grainy photos captured with different devices or saved in different formats.
  4. Preview and Comparison: Allows you to preview changes and compare with the original before saving.

Now let's discuss how you can enhance grainy photos using 4DDiG Photo Repair.

  1. Launch 4DDiG File Repair on your computer. Select the "Photo Repair" feature and click on the Downloads button under the Enhance Photo Quality option. This will download a toolkit to enhance grainy photos.

    remove grain from photos using 4ddig photo repair-1
  2. Once the toolkit is successfully downloaded, add the grainy photo that you want to enhance into the software.

    remove grain from photos using 4ddig photo repair-2
  3. After adding the photo, you will see 3 different AI options: General Model, Denoise Model, and Face Mode. Choose Denoise Model and select the desired resolution for the image.

    remove grain from photos using 4ddig photo repair-3
  4. Click the Preview button to initiate the AI-enhancement process. The software will work on enhancing your grainy photo for a few minutes.

    remove grain from photos using 4ddig photo repair-4
  5. Once the process is completed, you can hit the Export button and save that enhanced photo to your computer.

    remove grain from photos using 4ddig photo repair-5

So, that's how you can enhance grainy photos using the 4DDiG Photo Repair tool.

Way 3. Fix Grainy Photos in Lightroom

The third method to fix grainy photos is to use Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a widely-used photo editing software that provides comprehensive tools for enhancing and improving the quality of your images.

Follow the outlined steps below to acquire the necessary knowledge on how to fix grainy photos in Lightroom effectively.

  1. Launch Adobe Lightroom and import the grainy photo you want to enhance.
  2. In Lightroom, navigate to the Develop tab, where you'll find a wide range of editing tools to enhance your grainy photo.

    how to fix grainy photos in lightroom-1
  3. Locate the "Detail" panel on the right side. You will find the Noise Reduction option.
  4. Adjust the "Noise Reduction" sliders for Luminance and Color to reduce grain in your photo. The Luminance slider reduces overall luminance noise, while the Color slider reduces any color noise present.

    how to fix grainy photos in lightroom-2
  5. Once you are satisfied with the noise reduction adjustments, click the Done button to apply changes in Lightroom. Then go to the Library module, select the image, and choose the desired export settings to export the fixed, grain-free photo to your preferred location.

    how to fix grainy photos in lightroom-3

Way 4. Fix Grainy Photos Using Lightroom for Mobile

If you don't have a computer and want to know how to make a photo less grainy on iPhone, you can use Lightroom for mobile. Lightroom for Mobile provides similar functionality to the desktop version, allowing you to edit and enhance your photos on the go.

Here are the steps to make a photo less grainy on an iPhone using Lightroom for Mobile:

  1. Download and Launch the Lightroom app on your iPhone. Then import the grainy photo you want to enhance from your camera roll.
  2. Once the photo is imported, navigate to the menu at the bottom of the screen and locate the Detail option. Tap on it to access the slider controls for fine-tuning.
  3. Adjust the "Noise Reduction" sliders for Luminance and “Color Noise Reduction” to reduce grain in your photo. Find the right balance between the adjustments you make and zoom in and out on your image for better results.

    how to fix grainy photos using lightroom mobile
  4. Once you are satisfied with the enhanced photo, save the changes. You can then share the enhanced photo directly from the Lightroom app or save it to your camera roll.

Part 3. How to Avoid Grainy Photos?

So now you know how to fix grainy photos on your computer or mobile phone. However, it is also essential to know how to avoid grainy photos. Here are some pro tips that will help you in this regard.

  1. Lower ISO: Use the lowest ISO setting possible to reduce grain in photos.
  2. Optimize Lighting: Ensure sufficient lighting to avoid relying on high ISO settings.
  3. Stable Shooting: Keep your camera steady to avoid camera shake, which can contribute to graininess.
  4. Larger Image Sensors: Consider cameras with larger image sensors for improved image quality and reduced noise.
  5. Shoot in RAW Format: RAW files retain more data and offer greater flexibility in noise reduction during post-processing.
  6. Proper Exposure: Avoid overexposure and underexposure, as both can amplify grain in photos.
  7. Post-Processing Noise Reduction: Utilize noise reduction tools in editing software to minimize grain while preserving image detail.

By following these pro tips, you can significantly reduce grain and capture cleaner, sharper photos.

Final Words

So that's how to fix grainy photos on your computer or mobile phone. All you have to do is carefully follow the methods given above and remove grain from photos within a few minutes. However, if you prefer a convenient and efficient approach, consider using 4DDiG Photo Repair. This software utilizes AI algorithms to automatically enhance grainy photos, providing a quick and hassle-free solution. With 4DDiG File Repair, you can achieve impressive results and significantly improve the quality of your photos.

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