Top SDXC Card Recovery Software: Salvaging Your Photos

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SDXC cards are nothing special; they are just memory cards. The thing that makes it stand out among others is its storage. It has a storage capacity way more than the regular SD cards. Where the regular cards store data to a maximum limit of GBs, you can use SDXC cards to store data up to 2TB. With its amazing storage, we can’t deny the importance of data loss. The data loss could be due to any reason, including mistaken deletion, malware attack, card formatting, or any physical error. In such conditions, all you want is your data back.

Although there are multiple methods to secure your data, if the loss actually happens, you can only try to recover that data. You don’t need to worry about it; a perfect blend of active efforts and expert SDXC card recovery software is enough for your trouble. Follow the guide below, and you will get your data back.

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Part 1: SDXC Card Recovery: Is it Possible?

Although it is crucial to recover an SDXC card, especially when it contains important and personal photos or videos. The best thing is, you can do it with a high success rate. By following the right tool and method, you can easily recover your accidentally deleted or corrupted card and retrieve your media. Importantly when you suspect data corruption or loss, then you should immediately stop the card usage. It will prevent overwriting the card’s memory location, and guarantees more authenticity of your data. While the methods to recover your media through a card are limited, you can rely on specialized recovery software. Let’s find the best SD card recovery software to help you confidently recover your media in a very short time.

Part 2: The Best SDXC Card Recovery Software

To make a difference, you need to select a right recovery tool to recover lost or corrupted data from SDXC cards. 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery is an absolute choice for your SDXC card recovery as it will tell you how to recover deleted photos from camera SD card. It will look for all your media, even if the card was formatted. All the results will be displayed, and you will be able to preview them before restoring them quickly and efficiently.

Let's explore how 4DDiG SDXC card recovery software recovers your media effectively and what basic steps you need to take to enhance the chances to get your valuable data back.

  • 4DDiG simplifies the process by automatically locating your card's media and displaying it on your screen. You can effortlessly recover your media by selecting the desired files.
  • It also enhances video recovery by looking for file fragments.
  • Rest assured, 4DDiG is highly reliable in recovering data from corrupt SDXC cards. It even has a repair functionality for corrupt media, ensuring your valuable files are not lost.

Secure Download


Secure Download

Part 3: Step-by-Step Guide for SDXC Card Recovery

If you have already attached the card, you can move to step 1.

To initiate the SDXC card recovery process, you need to insert the card into your computer. You can use a card reader to place the card in the slot. Once the card is connected to your system, start the process.

  • Select the card
    Download and install the 4DDiG recovery software from its official website and launch it. Once you see the homepage, you need to select your SDXC card. From the menu, you will see your Card name in options. Click on your card's drive and initiate the Scan.


    Secure Download


    Secure Download

  • Scan the SDXC card
    Once you click on Scan, 4DDiG will start looking for your media and display it on your screen without taking much time. If you want a few photos or videos that are showing up on your screen, you can stop the Scan by clicking on the 'Stop' button and move to the next step. If you want all data back, let the scan finish and then click on the 'Recover' button to initiate the recovery process.

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  • Preview and Recover files
    This is when all your files are in front of you; don't panic about getting them back. First, preview your files and check their quality and authenticity. Once you are satisfied, select them and click on recover. You can preview files by their type. On recover, it will ask you for a location to restore your media. It is recommended to choose a new location for the safety of your media. This will prevent overwriting of your original files and save the chances to recover data again in case of file corruption. Choosing a new location also allows you to organize your recovered files more effectively.

    save recovered files

Part 4: What're Storage and Potential Issues of SDXC Card Recovery?

SDXC cards offer a huge storage capacity, which makes it suitable for high-definition videography, professional photography, and data-intensive applications. This extended capacity allows for efficient handling of large files, enhancing overall performance. However, it's important to be aware of potential issues that can arise with such vast storage. By understanding these issues and their solutions, you can ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience with your SDXC card. Let's delve into the possible issues of SDXC card recovery:

  • One potential issue is a corrupt file system. It makes the card unreadable by the operating system. No need to worry! Specialized recovery software can help you recover your data, ensuring the files are in its correct format.
  • Due to its delicate nature, your card may be prone to physical damage, such as bending or water exposure. After that you will need professional assistance to recover your data.
  • Accidentally formatting your card can be a heart-stopping moment. But fear not, even if you've intentionally formatted your card, all is not lost. You can still recover your media with the help of recovery software.
  • If you insert your SDXC card into an infected device, it can easily infect your card. Now, you need an Anti-virus tool, to remove the malware and a recovery tool to get your media back.

Part 5: FAQs about SDXC Card Recovery

Q 1: Can I Get My Files Back to the SDXC Card?

Yes! You can get your files back to your SDXC card. Even if the card is formatted or the media is accidentally deleted, you can get them back with the 4DDiG recovery software. It will scan your files and display them on your screen, making the recovery process a blessing in disguise.

Q 2: How do I fix SDXC?

To fix your SDXC card, initially insert your card into your system and try to access it.

  • If you can access it, then it's easier to use recovery software and get its files back.
  • In case your card is not accessible, it's likely that the card is corrupt. In such cases, it's important to choose a reliable software for recovery. By selecting the right software, you can recover your corrupt card with confidence.
  • Check for the driver if updated or not; if updates are available, do and check again.
  • If the card shows no media, format the card and recover it with the best SD card recovery software.

Q 3: How can I recover data from a dead SD card?

SD card is dead and you want to do SD card recovery free, yes you can do it. Let’s learn how!

  • Try using cards in different readers and devices if it works.
  • You can use the chkdsk command on the command prompt with the disk extension to see if it displays.
  • If the above methods don't work for you, don't worry. You can always rely on professional recovery software to recover your media from your dead SD card. It will handle all the challenges of data recovery tasks.
  • Try looking for professional services to get your damaged card repaired.

Tip: Don't forget to back up your delicate cards to avoid disturbance.


When it comes to recovering your precious photos and other data from an SDXC card, it's difficult to choose the right tool. 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery Tool stands out for its efficient and reliable scanning. It looks for large media files in a very short time and displays them. You can do SDXC card recovery from a deleted, formatted, or corrupt card. With 4DDiG, you can trust your memories are safe and can be cherished again and again.

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