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An SD card is the most widely used storage medium if you’re using any external storage device. These tiny cards could be used for various purposes. You can store videos, images, games, or any other media. It is always a go-to friend. But you can also mistakenly delete or lose the content of it. There are multiple ways to recover videos from SD card free with or even without software. All you need to do is to stay attentive and swift during the recovery process to avoid over-writing. In this guide, you will learn the possible reasons behind data deletion and how to recover deleted videos from an SD card free.

recover video from sd card free

Part 1: Can I Recover Video from SD Card Free

You can recover video data from an SD card; however, you must cease using the card and refrain from storing any further images, videos, or files. After removing the SD card from the device, don't format it or use any non-file recovery-specific software to scan it.Why? Because still there are chances for you to restore your videos by formatting. So be patient!

Additionally, the chance of recovering the video may be diminished depending on the device you use to scan the card. However, professional tools use the proper algorithm to help you get the exact data from all the possible fragments. Tools like 4DDiG Free Data Recovery can help you do SD card and disk video recovery free up to 2 GB of data.

Part 2: How to Recover Video from SD Card Free?

Looking for ways to recover videos from an SD card for free can be simple if you know which process to follow. However, to avoid excessive damage, stop using the card immediately and prepare for the Restore. You can definitely recover videos for free by using some software. Free software usually don’t allow to restore the data in proper formats and resolutions. However, professional tools ensure the exact file type with their advanced functionality to maximize the performance.

Let's look into free ways to recover video from an SD card!

Way 1: Use 4DDiG Free to Recover Video from SD Card Free

Professional tools make the recovery process way more accessible. You can use 4DDiG Free Data Recovery to recover deleted videos from SD card free. This tool is an ultimate solution for people who have no technical background. They can easily follow the process and recover their precious data themselves.

4DDiG Free Data Recovery Tool offers countess features, a few of those are:

  • 4DDig offers the ultimate recovery of your videos in their exact format.
  • Its advanced algorithm never compromises the quality of your video.
  • After restoring, you get the original view of your data.
  • It supports different file types that help in strong compatibility
  • It can restore data up to 2 GB for free.

Secure Download


Secure Download

  • Select a Local Disk
    After downloading and installing, you will select your disk in the first step. In this scenario, we need to recover data from the SD card. So first, insert an SD card in your device directly or by card reader. From the home page of the recovery tool, look for the local disk that loads the SD card.

    nas recovery
  • Scan the Selected Drive
    Once the disk is selected, now click on scan. 4DDiG will start looking for the data in your SD card. It will display all the found items on your screen.

  • Preview and Recover
    You can navigate through data and preview to select the required videos. Once you have selected the required videos, click on Restore. It is recommended that you choose a new location to save restored media. This will prevent you from overwriting the old files in case of an error.


Way 2: Update Drivers to Recover Video from SD Card Free

Recovering videos from an SD card is not directly related to updating drivers. However, if you are using external recovery software to recover and are unable to access your SD card, updating the drivers can help you throughout the process. Updated drivers for USB ports and all external devices can elevate your performance and compatibility across devices.

A few steps and you’re good to go:

  • Open the device manager from the menu.
  • Navigate to portable devices, and then look for Disk drivers.
  • Right-click your SD card option.
  • Click on the uninstall option.
  • Eject your SD card and insert it back.

    update drivers
  • Click on Install Drivers and let it complete.

You should restart your computer after updating or reinstalling the drivers.Try again to access your SD card and recover deleted SD card videos with professional software. It will swiftly perform the recovery now.

Way 3: Access Recycle Bin to Recover Video from SD Card Free

If your SD card was linked to your device and the files were deleted, you can retrieve them from your Recycle bin.

  • Open your Recycle Bin / Trash and look for the videos you want back.

Tip: restore data from your recycle bin as soon as possible. Once it's overwritten, it becomes difficult to get the data back.

  • Select the videos and restore them to an entirely new location. It will save you from overwriting.

However, if your SD card has physical damage, you can't get the data back from Recycle Bin because Recycle Bin doesn't have direct access to all your SD card data. All the files deleted after inserting the card will move to the Recycle bin.

Way 4: Recover Video from SD Card Free from Backup

Backup is the first option to rescue when Data is lost. Recovering videos from an SD card can be quick and easy with backup. If you have an in-device backup or another storage device for your videos, you can recover them quickly.

  • Locate your video backup; it could be on your device or external drives.
  • Go to the exact folder where you want your desired videos.
  • Select the videos and recover them to a safe location. It is recommended that you choose a new location.
  • Verify the videos by double-checking the quality and content.

Part 4: FAQs

Q 1: How to Avoid Data Loss and Recover Video from SD Card Free?

When it comes to avoiding data loss, you need to follow precautionary measures. Continuous backup of your videos can save you from permanent loss. Always use reliable SD cards and properly eject the card to avoid data loss. Always use a safety case to secure the card to avoid physical damage. There is no way to recover physically broken card. Furthermore, scan the card often to see if there are any logical errors and address them to avoid inconvenience.

Q 2: How do I get content off my SD card?

You can use professional third-party recovery software like 4DDiG to recover video from SD card free.

  • You will insert the SD card into your computer directly or with a card reader.
  • Install and run the recovery tool and select your drive.
  • The software will scan for the data on the card and display it
  • You can preview and select the videos that you want to recover.
  • Click on recover and cross-check your data.

Q 3: Do deleted files from the SD card go to the recycle bin?

Yes, deleted files from an SD card are typically stored in the recycle bin. If the files weren't deleted long ago, you can retrieve them from the recycle bin. If they are permanently removed from your SD card and are not found in any temporary location, you can use recovery software to retrieve them.

Q 4: How to recover deleted videos from an SD card without a computer?

Although recover deleted videos from SD card without a computer is challenging, it is still possible. You can follow the given steps.

  • You can use your Android device, smartphone, or tablet to download data recovery software.
  • Some software applications allow the recovery of data from external devices like SD cards.
  • Once you find a reliable one, you can access your SD card directly or with a card reader.
  • Follow the whole process, and you will see all the deleted files in front of your eyes.
  • Now, you can restore data to your device by selecting the location.


After looking at all the possible consequences of losing your private and memorizing videos trapped inside the SD card, finding a reliable yet free source to recover photos and videos from SD card is really challenging. Expert tools like the 4DDiG Free Data Recovery Tool can help you regain your lovely memories with its versatile features. You can quickly recover your media with minimal effort. Furthermore, protecting your media and setting up its backup is recommended to avoid future disasters.

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