How to Recover Deleted Save Data from Nintendo Switch SD Card [Updated!]

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Nintendo Switch is one of the most loved and admired gaming consoles that comes up with popular games like Duck Hunt, Mario Bros, Zelda, etc. Unfortunately, the internal storage of the 32 GB isn't good enough for this high profile gaming console.Hence, many people have complained about loosing the data from the Nintendo Switch. Luckily, you can recover Nintendo Switch save data, and we'll reveal how to recover deleted save data from Nintendo Switch.

how to recover deleted save data nintendo switch

Part 1: Why Nintendo Switch Save Data Missing

There could be the following reasons causing the ''nintendo Switch recover deleted save data'' issue.

  • Virus infected
  • Hardware issues
  • SD card damaged or corrupted
  • Incorrect ejection
  • Accidental deletion
  • Formatted the SD card accidentally

Part 2: Recover Deleted Nintendo Switch Data without Backup

You can use the Nintendo Switch to recover saved games without the data backup courtesy of the two brilliant methods listed below.

Way 1: Use Nintendo Switch Card Recovery Software

4DDIG Data Recovery emerges as the best way to retrieve the lost games from the Nintendo Switch without backup. It only asks you to scan for the lost data before getting all the data recovered in original quality.

  • Allows you to recover Nintendo Switch save data without backup.
  • Offers a simple user interface for Nintendo Switch data.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • Prompts the fast scanning speed for recovering Nintendo Switch data.

Secure Download


Secure Download

Here's how to recover deleted save data Nintendo Switch using Nintendo switch card recovery software.

  • Launch the 4DDiG Data Recovery after getting it installed from the computer. Connect the Nintendo Switch SD Card to the PC and choose SD Card tap.

    intall the 4ddig tool on pc
  • Click on the Scan button to initiate the scanning process; it will only take a few moments before completing the process.

    click on the scan button
  • Tap on the Recover icon to retrieve the lost data. And choose where you want to save the data.

    tap on the recover icon

Secure Download


Secure Download

Way 2: Run CHKDSK

You can also rely upon the command prompt to retrieve the lost Nintendo Switch data. Here's how to recover deleted Nintendo Switch data through command prompt.

  • Connect your Nintendo Switch SD card to the computer and navigate to the My Computer or This PC button. Note the drive letter assigned to your Nintendo Switch SD from the Removable Storage Note.
  • Visit the Windows search box type in the CMD, and select Run as administrator after clicking on the CMD

    type in cmd and run as administrator
  • Type in the ''Chkdsk'' command and enter the Nintendo Switch SD card's drive letter afterwards. Tap on the Enter button to get back the lost data.

    enter the nintendo switch driver

Part 3: Recover Nintendo Switch Save Data from Backup

You can recover lost data from Nintendo Switch save data courtesy of the Backup. However, you'll need to ensure that you don't add the new data to the Nintendo Switch SD card, as it can cause the data to be deleted permanently.

Way 1: Recover Nintendo Switch Saved Game Data from Cloud Backup

You can backup the Nintendo Switch data to the cloud service by paying the premium fee to the particular storage service. You can watch out for the three excellent ways to learn how to recover deleted saved Nintendo Switch through the cloud back.

1. Download Games Backup from A Software Menu

  • Unlock the Nintendo Switch before selecting the game from which you aim to return the data.

    select the game to recover
  • Launch the game details and settings by pressing the -/+ buttons. Choose the ''Save Data Cloud'' after using the Joy-Con. Choose the user to begin the proceedings.

    launch the game with details
  • Now, you can access the specified time and back up size on your right side. Press on the ''Download Save'' icon to put the things in order.

    download save data

2. Download Game Data from System Settings

  • Navigate to the Home menu of the Nintendo Switch and select the gear icon. Scroll down to the bottom and choose the Save Data Cloud and Data Management icon.

    select the gear icon
  • Now, you'll be prompted to select the user account joining the online membership of Nintendo. Select the game from which you want to recover the data and choose the ''Download Save Data'' icon.

    click on download save button

3. Download Cloud Backup Via Automatic Save-Data Download Feature

  • After putting the Console into the Sleep mode, you must ensure your internet is turned on.
  • Now, the automatic cloud backup downloading process has started. Wait until your game file backup is downloaded completely. The process could take some time; at that point, you'll need to let your Console be in the Sleep mode.

    click on automatic save data

Way 2: Restore Data from Local Backup

You can also recover deleted saved data from Nintendo Switch without fromat your SD Card, provided you've prepared the local backup of all the data stored on the Nintendo Switch SD card. Here's how to recover Nintendo Switch Data through local backup.

  • Connect the Nintendo Switch SD to the computer through a card reader.

    connect the nintendo switch to sd card
  • Launch the microSD card on the PC and copy the local back files saved on the PC to the Nintendo Switch SD card.

    copy the local back files
  • Disconnect the SD card from the PC before inserting it into your Nintendo Switch Console. Access the recovered games after turning on the Console.

You must not copy or directly transfer the back files to the existing Nintendo Switch SD card. You'll need to use the formatted and new SD card to recover the backed data from your local backup.

Way 3. Re-Download A Game On Nintendo Switch Via eShop

If you've ended up deleting the game on the Nintendo Switch and you don't have the local backup of that game, you can download the game again from the eShop.

  • Select the user account with the credentials to download the target game before logging into the eShop.
  • Launch the ''Account Information'' in your eShop and select the ''Re-download'' button. Press on the cloud download button to download the game.

    click redownload button


Learning how to recover deleted save data on Nintendo Switch has become simple courtesy of this insightful guide. We have listed the breathtaking ways to opt for the Nintendo Switch data recovery through backup.

Unfortunately, if you don't have any backup prepared, you can retrieve the lost Nintendo Switch data by using the services of 4DDiG Data Recovery. It is a sublime tool that empowers you to get back the lost data in a few clicks, offering the highest recovery rate.

FAQs about Nintendo Switch Recover Deleted Save Data

Q1: How long do Switch cloud saves last?

Once the package of the Switch cloud expires it will save the data for about six months before getting it deleted permanently. Hence, you must acquire the cloud storage premium to avoid the Nintendo Switch data loss.

Q2: Does the switch automatically backup save data?

When you get the Nintendo Switch Online membership, it will enable the save data backup by default, and all the data stored on the Nintendo Switch will be backed up.

Q3 What happens when you delete save data on switch?

When you delete the data from the Switch, there is no moving back, meaning you can't retrieve the data once you've deleted it from the Nintendo Switch.

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