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Regardless of how much the technology gets evolved and new storage devices could have been introduced, SD cards will continue to have their say. Since plenty of people tend to store the data on the SD cards, when the data loss occurs, this sight doesn't please anyone. If you're also looking for SD card file recovery freeware and would love to retrieve the lost data, dive into this guide to explore the 5 top-notch data recovery software.

top 5 sd card file recovery freeware

Part 1: Top 5 SD Card File Recovery Freeware

Despite having hundreds of data recovery SD card freeware options available, finding the best one will require you to put in extra effort. Here's the list of the 5 spectacular ways to retrieve the lost data on SD.

Top 1. 4DDiG Free Data Recovery (Windows & Mac)

You won't see many data recovery tools offering the highest recovery rate while opting for the data recovery SD card, but 4DDiG Data Recovery has other ideas. From allowing you to recover almost all types of data to enabling you to choose the type of data you wish to recover, the best data recovery SD card freeware contains the various top notch features in its sleeves.

4ddig free data recovery


  • Top-notch data recovery SD card freeware with high scanning speed.
  • Prompts the simple user interface.
  • Doesn't affect the quality of data while retrieving it.
  • Blesses you with the highest recovery rate.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows.

Secure Download


Secure Download

Top 2. Recuva (Windows only)

Recuva is also a good choice if you're looking for straightforward and simple SD card data recovery freeware. Although it no longer releases new updates, it is still an appropriate way to retrieve lost data from SD cards.

sd card data recovery freeware
  • Pros
  • Cons
    • Free to use
    • Prompts the manageable user interface
    • Recover the multiple file types.
    • Doesn't get updated anymore

User Experience

Recuva is a decent data recovery tool that lets you restore most commonly used file types stored on USB flash drives, external hard drives, and memory cards. The free version is restricted and you'll have to pay about $19.95 to acquire the premium version of Recuva.

Top 3. PhotoRec (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Whether you're a Linux, Mac or Windows user, PhotoRec is there to help you retrieve the lost data in a few clicks. It supports recovering lost data from multiple storage devices, and restoring various file types is also fairly simple.

photoRec data recovery
  • Pros
  • Cons
    • Excellent performance
    • Amazing multi-platform tool
    • Easy to use
    • Free to use
    • Prompts the command line interface

User Experience

Apart from recovering the deleted photos, PhotoRec has the credentials to retrieve multiple other file types. Although, this tool takes time recovering the data, but is surely worth trying.

Top 4. R-Studio (Windows, Mac & Linux)

R-Studio might not suit you, especially if you're a newbie, but you can consider it to be the reliable SD card file recovery software. Unfortunately, it only allows you to retrieve 256 KB of data for free, and if you want to retrieve more data, getting the premium package is necessary.

r-studio data recovery
  • Pros
  • Cons
    • Comes up with the built-in hex editor
    • Recovery over network
    • Advanced features
    • Professional and advanced user interface

User Experience

Since it is based upon the advanced user interface, it is most likely to recover the data lost due to several circumstances. It supports multiple storage devices but opting for the premium package is crucial to retrieve data.

Top 5. MiniTool Power Data Recovery (Windows)

MiniTool Power Data Recovery brings in a simple user interface which stimulates recovering the lost data from the SD card in a few clicks. In MiniTool Power Data Recovery, you've found the exciting RAW SD card recovery freeware which has credentials of recovering multiple file types.

minitool power data recovery
  • Pros
  • Cons
    • Easy to use
    • Tends to get updated regularly
    • Helps you recover multiple files types
    • Comes up with the limited preview feature

Part 2: How to Use Freeware SD Card Recovery Software

The following is how to use freeware sd card recovery software.

  • Launch the 4DDiG Free Data Recovery on the computer after getting it installed. Proceed ahead after connecting the SD card to the computer.

    launch the 4ddig data recovery
  • Upon getting the SD card detected by the 4DDiG Data Recovery, you'll need to press on the Scan button to begin scanning for the lost data which probably takes a few moments depending upon the type of data you're willing to retrieve.

    press on the scan button to begin scanning
  • Review the data you want to recover and click on the Recover button to initiate retrieving the lost data.

    click on the recover button to initiate retrieving

Secure Download


Secure Download

Bonus Tips: How We Test SD Card Data Recovery Software

Testing the credentials of the SD card data recovery software can help you select the best SS card data recovery software. Here's how we test the attributes of an SD card data recovery freeware.

Dataset preparation

We tend to opt for various file types preserved on memory cards, including documents, videos, and RAW photos. Storing the data files from the different file formats and camera models is recommended.

Memory Card preparation

We rely upon the microSD, real SD, SDXC, SDHC, and we also collect the virtual hard drives, helping us to stimulate the memory cards.

Simulating data loss

Simulating the common data loss circumstances on the SD cards, including corruption, formatting, or accidental deletion, is quite possible.

Recovery process

We run each SD card data recovery freeware from all the paces, including the deep scan and normal scan methods, to assess the overall performance of the data recovery software.


If you're looking for an appropriate SD card file recovery freeware, this guide has everything you need. We have listed the 5 impressive ways to retrieve the lost data from SD card, and 4DDiG Free Data Recovery software becomes the most recommended and best SD card data recovery freeware. It prompts the highest recovery rate, allowing you to get back 2000+ files.

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