Have you ever faced the "MP4 no sound" or "No sound Mp4" issue? If you have an MP4 that has no sound and are looking for a solution, you have come to the right place. As we often see videos in MP4 files, In fact, it is the most popular format for online video. Although sometimes people face the very irritating issue of "no sound in MP4", in which the video doesn't have any sound at all, This becomes very frustrating when you want to watch your favorite movie or TV show online. Today, we'll talk about how to fix the MP4 no sound problem, get relief, and then watch your favorite movie. So scroll down to learn more.

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  1. Part 1: What Cause MP4 Files No Sound?
  2. Part 2: How to Fix MP4 No Sound?
  3. Part 3: Guidelines for Repairing Damaged MP4 Files
  4. FAQs:

Part 1: What Causes No Sound in MP4 Files?

Most people assume that there is some hardware problem with the device they are using. Although it's not related to that. The majority of the time, it happens due to a software issue. There may be many reasons for that, although some of the most common causes of MP4 sound issues already exist. If any codec on your device does not work properly for any media file, then you might face this problem. Most of the users are unfamiliar with the codecs. So it becomes very hard for them to identify the problem in the first place. One of the biggest reasons is when the media player is corrupt. Sometimes when we download a video player, it becomes faulty in the installation process. The MP4 file you are using may be a corrupted file.

Part 2: How to Fix MP4 No Sound?

One of the beauties of technology is that there is always a solution for it. Here today, we will give you some of the best solutions on how to fix the "No Sound" MP4 issue. Each of these solutions will work. If one does not work, you can try the next one. Following are the ways to fix MP4's no-sound issue.

Fix 1: Check the System Volume

If there is an issue with the system setting for volume, then it can cause the video file to have no sound. You can check the sound by following these steps.

Step 1: Click on the volume icon on the right bottom, turn up the volume, or turn it down, and check if there is a sound or not.

Step 2: If you have muted the sound, then unmute it.

Step 3: If there is no driver or an outdated driver in the system, then you should update it.

Step 4: Balance the sound equalizer.

Now reinstall the video media player you are using.

Fix 2: Make Sure The MP4 Video Itself Has Sound

Sometimes, we don't know if the video has sound or not. So always make sure that you play a video with sound. The reason is that many of the videos or movies on the internet are silent movies. Make certain before watching such movies.

Fix 3: Play the MP4 file with VLC Media Player

VLC is one of the most popular media players. It not only allows you to play any video but any format of video as well. So if there is a minor error, the VLC player will still play the video no matter what.

Step 1: Select the MP4 file that does not have any sound.

Step 2: Right Click on it, select "open with," and then click on VLC.

play mp4 with vlc player

The video file will start playing on VLC.

Fix 4: Convert MP4 to Another Format

If the MP4 file doesn't work at all, you can convert the file into another format of the video. There are various methods to do it. You can even do it online. All you have to do is type "video format changer" into Google. Open any top website and then select a format other than MP4 and choose convert. Afterward, download the video and play it again to check whether it is working or not.

Fix 5: Repair Corrupted MP4 Files with 4DDiG File RepairHOT

If you need a program that can repair any corrupted MP4 video, then 4DDiG File Repair is the one. It can fully repair any corrupted file, no matter how many problems there are. It enables you to fix any damaged video file quickly and effectively.

Key Features:

  • 4DDiG File Repair can remain in almost every format, including MP4, MOV, MKV, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, etc.
  • If you have a video that is choppy, jerky, grainy, distorted, or fuzzy, then use 4DDiG File Repair to fix it.
  • It can support any storage medium, including Windows PC storage, SD Cards, USB flash drives, HDDs, and more.
  • 100% secure and quick repair.

Following are the steps on how you can use 4DDiG File Repair to repair any damaged or corrupted MP4 file and solve the issue of MP4 files having no sound.


For PC

Secure Download



Secure Download

  1. Download and launch 4DDiG File Repair software on your computer. Select the Fix Video Errprs option to go ahead.
  2. fix mp4 no sound using 4ddig file repair-1
  3. Now click on the Add Video(s) button and import the damaged MP4 file. Afterward, click on "Start Repair," and the repair will start.
  4. fix mp4 no sound using 4ddig file repair-2
  5. When the repair is finished, you can choose to get a preview, which you can then save in a safe location.
  6. fix mp4 no sound using 4ddig file repair-3

Fix 6: Install the Audio Required for MP4 Files

We download subtitles with a movie. Likewise, sometimes there is no sound or audio file attached to the movie. In that case, you have to download the audio file for it. If you don't know how to download the audio file, then you can check it on the same website where you downloaded the video. If you can't find it, just search for the movie title and audio file download. You can open any top website to download it.

Part 3: Guidelines for Repairing Damaged MP4 Files

Following are the guidelines for repairing damaged MP4 files:

  • Always play a video on a fast and strong internet connection. This way, there will be no issue while watching the video or downloading the video.
  • Ensure that you have connected the device to a stable power supply.
  • When fixing errors in MP4 files, may involve completely cleaning the data from your files. Perhaps it is important to recover or back up all the important data in your system before doing the repair process. You can use 4DDiG File Repair for that too.


How Do I Get the Sound Back on My MP4 Video?

Getting your sound back on your MP4 video has a lot of solutions. Although you can check to see if it is due to the corrupted MP4 video, If not, you can change the media player you are using. Try these things out; if it still doesn't work, go and download the audio track of the video if it is a movie.

Do MP4 Files Have Audio?

Yes, MP4 is the most used video format in the world. Everything we watch online or on our computer is in MP4 format. It does have sound, but sometimes a video is made without any sound, or the sound vanishes due to some reasons.


Solving the "no sound" MP4 issue is extremely easy. These are the best ways to solve this frustrating issue. If you find out that the video file is broken or corrupted, you can use 4DDiG File Repair for it; it is the best in the business right now.

4DDiG Photo/Video Repair

4DDiG Photo/Video Repair

4DDiG File Repair is your second to none choice to repair any damaged or corrupted photos & videos on Windows and Mac.

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