How to Recover Deleted DVR Recordings? Step-By-Step Guide

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The main reason behind multiple people using the DVR system is to enhance overall security. Unfortunately, DVR videos aren't thoroughly reliable, as when you try to add them to the local storage, they might get lost. But don't worry. Regardless of the reasons behind losing the DVR recordings, you can recover DVR recordings.

When the hard data gets corrupted or deleted, it doesn't go away permanently. Although the allocated space becomes free, the data will remain hidden on your drive. Hence recovering the lost DVD recordings and keeping ready this guide to know how to recover deleted DVR recordings.

recover deleted DVR recordings

You'll need to be a bit careful in it as the moment you come to know about the DVR video deletion, you can stop using the unit after disconnecting it.

Part 1: How to Recover Deleted DVR Recordings

It can be challenging to recover deleted DVR recordings, but we have discussed the following ways to resolve this issue. Let's get started!

Way 1: Check Recently Deleted

You can opt for the DVR recover deleted recording from the Recently Deleted tab if there's only a few hours since you've lost the DVR recordings. Trash folder stores the DVR videos for about 48 hours before getting them deleted.

Here's how do I recover deleted DVR recordings from Recently Deleted tab.

  • Navigate to the TiVo Central digital video recorder and click the My Shows button. Select the ''Recently Deleted Recordings'' icon after hitting the ''All'' icon.

    click on recently deleted recordings
  • Highlight the video you'd like to get back and hit the Select button afterward.
  • Press the ''Deleted Program'' icon and choose the ''Recover this show'' icon. That's all you've had to do to recover DVR recordings.

    click on recover this show button

Way 2: Use DVR Recordings Recovery Tool

If it's been more than 48 hours since you've lost the DVR recordings, getting back the data through the Recently Deleted tab won't be possible. In this scenario, 4DDiG Data Recovery could be a game changer which holds the credentials to retrieve the lost data from multiple situations.

Apart from offering a simple user interface, the DVR Recordings Recovery Software tends to get the data restored from multiple storage devices. While recovering the deleted DVR recordings, it doesn't affect the original quality, and fast scanning implies that you can access the data quicker than you think.

  • Allows you to recover the DVR recordings in original quality.
  • Recover the lost DVR recordings quickly.
  • Restore the DVR recordings lost from any situation.
  • Allows you to recover data from various scenarios, including the lost partition, formatting, crashed system, and virus attack.

Secure Download


Secure Download

Here's the step by step guide to know how to recover deleted DVR recordings via 4DDiG Data Recovery software.

  • Install the 4DDiG data recovery tool on your PC and install the software afterward. Select the data recovery mode and navigate where you've lost DVR recordings. Click on the Start to start scanning for the lost data.

    Install the 4ddig data recovery tool
  • Since 4DDiG offers fast scanning, the process only takes a few moments before scanning all the data. You can scan the data by searching for the different data types, including Audio, Video, Photo, etc.

    scan all the data to recover
  • After scanning, you can preview the data by hitting the Preview button. Next, you'll need to tap on the Recover button to begin recovering the lost DVR recordings.

    tap on the recover button

Secure Download


Secure Download

Bonus Tips: What Cause Deleted DVR Recordings

There could be several factors that can cause the DVR recordings to get deleted. A few of the most prominent reasons are given below.

  • Someone may have removed the DVR recordings without letting you know about it.
  • Without space for new recordings, some DVR recordings might get deleted automatically.
  • Wear and tear could be caused in HDD courtesy of the longing use.
  • If the DVR client's hard drive got corrupted, it might also become the main culprit behind the DVD videos being deleted.


Can I retrieve deleted DVR recordings? You can recover DVR recordings and don't have to do much to put things in order. Instead, you'll only need to act upon a couple of mind-blowing methods listed in this post to help you know how to recover deleted DVR recordings. Of the couple of methods we've given in this post to retrieve the DVR recordings, going for the 4DDiG Data Recovery is by far the best DVR Data Recovery Software . It prompts the highest recovery rate and doesn't affect the data while getting it back.

FAQs About Recover DVR Recordings

Q1: Can you recover permanently deleted recordings?

Although recovering the permanently deleted recordings is difficult, 4DDiG Data Recovery has made it all easier. It is an excellent data recovery tool that empowers you to restore the permanently deleted recordings and asks you to scan for the lost recordings before downloading them.

Q2: How do I recover videos from my DVR hard drive?

If you've lost the videos from the DVD hard drive asking ''can I retrieve deleted DVR recordings'', you can get the recordings retrieved from the Recently Deleted items. If you don't find the videos, 4DDiG data recovery software has the highest recovery rate when recovering the lost DVR recordings and other file types.

Q3: Where is data stored in DVR?

The videos that get recorded are moved into the external or internal hard drives of the DVR. It tends to optimize the storage space by using video compression techniques, including the H.265 or H.264, reducing the video size without affecting the video quality.

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