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DVR material is probably the most important file for a person, a house office business, or anything else. It can save the lives of people. The pain of losing DVR files is so great. One of the reasons is that the DVR files are very fragile and can be lost, deleted, stolen, or overwritten at any time of the day. So keeping an eye on it is very important.

However, if you have lost your DVR files, don't panic because we have got your back. Today we have brought some of the best DVR data recovery software. This DVR data recovery software will help you recover your important DVR files in no time. So sit back and take a sigh, because you are in safe hands now. There are many ways to get your DVR files back.


Part 1: The 6 Best DVR Recovery Software in 2024

Today for your DVR recovery software, we have brought you the 6 best recovery software of 2024. You can use them to recover your DVR files safely, just as they were before. Following are the 6 best DVR recovery softwares of 2024.

Top 1: Professional DVR Recovery Software

The first and foremost recommended recovery software must be Tenorshare 4DDiG. It is one of the best DVR Recovery Software. When it comes to retrieving your lost, overwritten, or deleted DVR files, 4DDiG Windows Data Recovery gives a perfect solution. Using its advanced tool, equipped with terminologies best for recovery, So let's show you how you can easily recover your DVR files using 4DDiG Data Recovery software.

Main Features of 4DDiG Data Recovery:

  • Navigating the recovery process, where you can navigate everything.
  • Highly capable of recovering DVR files in no time.
  • Supports every type of file format.including DVR CCTV or every file you name.

Secure Download


Secure Download

  • Download and launch 4DDiG data recovery software. Afterwards, click on the disk where you lost your DVR files. Now click on Start to proceed with scanning. Moreover, you can choose a specific type of file to recover. In this case, you can choose a DVR file.

    4ddig interface
  • While scanning, you will see files popping up on your PC's interface. You can pause or stop the scanning at any time when you see your DVR file.

    4ddig interface
  • Click on the file for a preview. Make sure that you select the file you want. Then, when you are done scanning, click on Recover and save the file somewhere in a secure location.

    4ddig interface

Secure Download


Secure Download

Top 2: UFS Explorer

UFS Explorer is another very prominent option for DVR recovery software. It comprises some of the amazing features that can help you recover any type of file, including DVR. You can recover files of any type using UFS Explorer. So if you lose a DVR file accidentally, due to hardware defects, file system corruption, or any other reason, UFS will assist you in recovering it.

ufs explorer

Top 3: HX-Recovery

If you are looking for specific CCTV or DVR recovery software, then HX Recovery is a very good option. It can recover your DVR files using its futuristic specifications that will ensure quality work. You can recover if you lost your DVR file due to misoperation in Windows to monitor video disk initialization, accidentally deleted them due to damage caused by index, unable to index video recorder, and more.


Top 4: Diskinternal

Diskinternal is probably one of the most experienced data recovery programs. It used advanced technology to make your DVR recovery possible for you. It has a very easy-to-use interface and is very specific in many fields of recovery, so you will not waste a lot of your time. So if you lost your DVR file and are in need of DVR file recovery software, Diskinternal is one of the options.


Top 5: Dolphin DVR

Another masterpiece specifically made for the recovery of CCTV and DVR files is Dolphin DVR. If you lost your DVR or any other type of file from your digital camera, like a CCTV camera, etc., you can use Dolphin DVR comprehensively to recover it. There is no rocket science; it is straight-forward to do your job.

dolphin dvr

Top 6: Remo Recover

RemoRecovery is a good partner for your data recovery software. It is one of the recommended ones for your DVR files. It uses advanced features to ease your recovery and make it an accomplishment. You can easily recover your DVR files using its features; in fact, it is highly reliable.

remo recover

Part 2: Common Causes of DVR Data Loss

Some of the most common causes of DVR data loss are the following:

  • Accidental deletion or formatting
    Well, you never know; it is mostly common and can happen to anyone that we lose data accidentally. In fact, it mostly happens when we accidentally format the drive or SD card.
  • Insufficient storage capacity
    Sometimes, when you have insufficient storage, it can lead to the overwriting of your DVR files.
  • Hardware malfunction
    Malfunctioning is very common, and there is a lot of possibility that it will cause the deletion of your files.
  • Software corruption or firmware issues
    Sometimes the DVR file uses some software, and the software corruption or firmware issue can cause the loss of the data.
  • Physical damage
    Harddrives are very prone to damage, especially USB SD cards. So be very sensitive with your hard drive.


If you lost your DVR files, then you’d probably need DVR recovery software, and the ones above are the ones you need right now. Each of them will work like a charm. Especially 4DDiG Data Recovery, which is the best DVR data recovery software. This post not only show you top 6 DVR data recovery softwares, but also perform common causes of DVR cata loss. If you feel useful, please share it with your friends to read together!

FAQs about DVR Data Recovery Software

Q1: Can permanently deleted data be recovered?

Yes, permanently deleted data can be recovered using data recovery software. It doesn't matter if you lose your data permanently; you can still recover it using 4DDiG Data Recovery.

Q2: Where do permanently deleted files go?

Once you delete a file, it goes to the recycle bin or archives, although when you permanently delete a file, it gets erased permanently and the space occupied by the files becomes deallocated. Although it never gets permanently deleted from the drive.

Q3: Why are some files recovered?

Sometimes every deleted file can be recovered until you don't install, save, or use anything else instead of that. That is why it is not 100 percent certain that you can recover all of your data.

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