Windows 10 Invalid Value for Registry

“'I cannot open JPEG images taken from DSLR on my Windows 10 PC. I get an "Invalid Value for Registry" error. I need to open them urgently. How can I fix the issue?'”

-Question from Microsoft

After rebooting the system, the "invalid value for registry" problem is a standard Windows error. If not all Windows viewer software files have been updated, this issue occurs. Because JPG/JPEG/PNG files are the most commonly damaged, this article focuses on them. Several people have brought up this problem on various forums. The illustration of such a situation is given above. The exciting news is that you can fix the "invalid value for registry jpg" error and restore your photographs. This can be completed in a variety of ways.

fix invalid value for registry jpg
  1. Part 1: What does Invalid Value for Registry Mean?
  2. Part 2: How to Fix Invalid Value for Registry JPEG/PNG Windows 10?
  3. Invalid Registry FAQs

Part 1: What does Invalid Value for Registry Mean?

Windows vault is an assortment of data sets that store the data and settings for programming programs, equipment gadgets, client inclinations, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. On the off chance that an invalid incentive for library mistake occurs, something isn't quite right about the vault passages. This blunder is standard with Windows working framework. Typically, the library mistake shows up in the wake of updating Windows to another rendition. At the point when you redesign PC or update your applications in Windows, the vault sections of the past rendition might stay in salvageable shape. These obsolete sections struggle with the framework cycle, and subsequently, you can't see Photos. Here is a genuine case from the site:

"I've as of late updated my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Whenever I open one of the JPEG photographs in a photograph application, I get a blunder message 'Invalid Value for Registry'. Presently I'm kept from opening and surveying any picture documents in light of the invalid incentive for a vault. How would it be a good idea for me to respond?"

Part 2: How to Fix Invalid Value for Registry JPEG/PNG Windows 10?

To fix an invalid value for a registry problem, open the images with another similar application first. This easy solution is quite effective because your previous software for viewing photographs may not operate correctly after a Windows upgrade. If this method fails, try the following options to resolve the problem.

Fix 1. Restore JPG/JPEG with Recovery Software

Windows 10 invalid value for registry JPEG issue happens suddenly and can lead to harm and loss of photographs without much of a stretch. The ideal way to reestablish pictures is with unique, proficient programming. The error invalid value for registry png can result in photodegradation and loss. Tenorshare 4DDiG is recommended for people who want to fix corrupted photos or retrieve lost photos. It is also excellent at JPEG photograph, video, and archive fix.

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    preview and recover files

Fix 2: Use another Photo Viewer Application

If you have a jpg invalid value for registry issues files, this is the first thing you should do. Apart from the built-in Windows Photos app, you can open the JPG/JPEG images with additional photo viewer applications. Right-click on the JPEG/JPG file and select an application from the drop-down menu to view the image. You can also open your photos with the image viewing software from the Microsoft Store.

Fix 3: Reset the Photo App

Resetting will erase settings and reserved information from the Photos App on your framework. You can fix the "invalid incentive for library" mistake along these lines. This is for invalid value for registry windows ten photo clients:

Step 1: Go to Start > Settings > System > Apps and Features.

fix invalid value for registry jpeg

Step 2: Click "Microsoft Photos". A container shows up. Select "Progressed Options".

Step 3: This would require some investment and when it's done, restart your PC. Check to assume you have fixed the invalid worth mistake.

fix invalid value for registry png

Fix 4: Change the Registry Settings

With the solution provided here, you can now cure the invalid value for registry Windows 10, which also works in Windows 7 and 8.

Step 1: To open Registry Editor, press Windows + R and input “regedit” into the Run dialogue box.

fix windows 10 invalid value for registry

Step 2: To open Registry Editor, select "Yes."

Step 3: In Registry Editor's left pane, find the following registry key:

fix windows 10 invalid value for registry

Step 4: At this library area, you first need to take responsibility for:

Select "Overseer (Desktop Name \ Administrator)" and snap "Progressed".

Click "Change" close to SYSTEM.

Enter your User Name and snap "Really look at Names" to get the proper structure, and snap "Alright" to affirm.

Select “Apply” after checking "Supplant proprietor on the sub-holders and articles." Then, at that point, click "Alright" to keep every one of the changes.

At last, pick the User Name (Your Desktop Name \ Administrator) choice and check to Allow boxes for "Full Control" and "Read" click Apply. Furthermore, select "Alright” to keep every one of the changes.

Step 5: When recognizing all obsolete adaptation keys, right-click on them individually and select "Erase." This progression will eliminate a portion of your keys in the Registry and cause. Be exceptionally cautious and select the right keys to erase.

After erasing lower form number passages, you can close Registry Editor and restart your machine; that should fix the "Invalid Value for Registry" issue.

Fix 5: Update Windows Photo Drivers

You may also get an "invalid value for registry" error if your graphic drivers are out-of-date. As a result, you must update your drivers.

Step 1: Type Device Manager into the Start box. Select “Device Manager” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Right-click on "graphics driver" and pick "Update Driver" from the "Display Adapters" menu.

fix invalid value for registry windows 10

Step 3: Press "Search automatically for updated driver software" from the drop-down menu.

Restart the computer after the procedure is completed. The error "invalid registry value" should not be there now.

Fix 6: Update Windows Photo Viewer

Step 1: To access Windows Update, go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

Step 2: Select Keep an eye out for new information.

Step 3: Look for the Photo Viewer icon at the bottom of the page and click Install Updates.

Step 4: When the updates are complete, Start the computer again.

Fix 7: Run Windows Troubleshooter

If you still can't see your photos, try running the Windows troubleshooter to see if any issues prevent Windows Store Apps from working correctly.

Step 1: Select "Start> Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot" from the Start menu.

Step 2 Go to "Windows Store Apps > Troubleshooter" and click "Run the troubleshooter."

fix invalid value for registry windows 10

The troubleshooter would automatically evaluate and detect issues. After completing the procedure, you should resolve the invalid value for registry error while reading JPG/JPEG/PDF files.

Fix 8: Clear the Windows Store Caches

One of the causes of the problem is the Windows Store Cache. Clearing the Windows Store Cache is a good option. The Windows Store Caches will be reset as a result of this procedure. Once this step is complete, restart the Windows Store to see if the problem has been resolved.

Step 1: Open the Run box press "Win + R."

Step 2: Tap "Enter" after typing WSReset.exe.

fix invalid value for registry windows 10

The Windows Store will then open, with a notification stating that the Store's cache has been emptied.

Fix 9: Run System File Checker

This error can occur if your file system is corrupted. SFC, commonly known as System File Checker, is a Windows application that permits users to scan for and restore corrupted Windows system files. Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: In the search bar, type Command Prompt, right-click it, and select "Run as administrator."

Step 2: Hit "Enter" after typing the SFC /scannow.

fix invalid value for registry windows 10- run sfc

Invalid Registry FAQs

1. What are invalid registry items?

Uninstalled program entries remain in the Windows Registry. When document files, sound files, help files, font files, history files, and application paths are no longer relevant on the system or relocated from their original locations, the entries become invalid.

2. What does invalid value for registry mean mp3?

Attempt to the invalid incentive for vault MP3 by refreshing drivers on the Windows working framework:

Step 1: Right-click on the Start button and pick Device Manager

Step 2: Grow the Display Adapters. Right-click on the illustrations driver, and afterward select Update Driver Software.

Step 3: Select Search naturally for refreshed driver programming at long last.

On the off chance that this method doesn't work, fix the issue by erasing the more seasoned form of library passages, performing framework document check, or refreshing Windows to the most recent variant.

3. How to fix invalid values for registry mp4?

There are a few options for resolving invalid registry MP4 values. You can use the System Maintenance troubleshooter, for example, to locate and delete unnecessary files shortcuts and execute maintenance chores. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Select Control Panel by pressing the Windows and X keys together.

Step 2: Select Troubleshooting from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: On the left side of the window, click the View all option.

Step 4: Select System Maintenance from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Select “Next” and follow the onscreen prompts.


When encountering an invalid value for registry error on Windows 10/8/7, you must act quickly to resolve the issue. On the other hand, a severe error could result in data loss. This article has covered nine possible techniques for correcting erroneous registry values when opening JPG, JPEG, or PNG files. We recommend you download Tenorshare 4DDiG to fix the invalid value for the registry jpeg.

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