World Backup Day
No Backup No Mercy!

March 31st is World Backup Day 2024.
Tenorshare 4DDiG sponsors urge you to use backups to protect you data.
Do it today!

Let's get backups trending in 2024!

Why Data Backup Is So Important

Important data was lost as a result of a ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta. Atlanta also estimated that $9.5 million would be needed for recovery.

Over 30,000 US businesses were affected by a widespread attack on the Microsoft Exchange email servers.

In 2017, Maersk Group was hit by a ransomware attack, which affected not only Maersk but major supply chain actors such as FedEx and TNT, with damages estimated to be around $10 billion and disrupted operations for 2 weeks.

Prevent Data Loss

Save Time

Ensure Safety

Manage Data Easily

4 Data Backup Tips for World Backup Day

You can backup your data using USB, an external hard drive, the cloud, and backup software to keep data on a physical device, remote server, local computer, or network.

USB Backup

Using a USB backup involves copying your data onto a USB flash drive for safekeeping. This method is convenient and portable, allowing you to easily store important files.

External Hard Drive Backup

An external hard drive backup involves transferring your data onto an external hard drive. This provides additional storage space and added security for your files.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup involves storing your data on remote servers accessed via the internet. This method offers flexibility and accessibility, allowing you to access your files from any device with an internet connection.

Use Backup Software

Using backup software automates the process of creating backups of your data. And it can schedule regular backups, ensuring that your files are consistently saved and protected.

Backup Now

Which Backup Method Is Best?

  • Backup Method
  • Backup Speed
  • Data Security
  • Suitable for
  • USB Backup
  • Fast

  • Easily lost

  • Small amount of data

  • Cloud Backup
  • Slowest
  • Relative safety
  • Online or remote backup
  • External Hard Drive Backup
  • Moderate
  • Easily damaged
  • Large capacity data
  • Backup Software
  • Fastest
  • Low probability of damage
  • A full backup of computer

Backup Tips & Tricks

Backup lost? Recover Your Data Immediately

If you unfortunately lose your backup, you should do the backup solutions immediately: Stop using the affected device > Recover in time before the data is overwritten > Create a backup copy > Perform proper equipment maintenance.

To Celebrate World Backup Day




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Discover More About World Backup Day

Yes. Backing up your data every day is ideal to ensure that your important files are protected in case of any unexpected events. By scheduling daily backups, you can minimize the risk of data loss and ensure that you have the latest versions of your files saved.

There are three main types of backups: full backup, differential backup, and incremental backup.

When you backup files with File History, the system will automatically create a folder called "FileHistory". So, in File Explorer, search for "FileHistory" to see if you can find the backup files. Moreover, you can find your backup files using data recovery software like 4DDiG Data Recovery, which allows you to easily find and recover your backup files from your storage devices quickly.

iCloud backup is a cloud-based storage service provided by Apple that allows you to save and retrieve your data remotely. By enabling iCloud backup on your Apple device, you can securely store your photos, videos, and documents in the cloud, ensuring that your data is safe and easily accessible from anywhere.

You can try the 3-2-1 rule. This means creating 3 different copies of your data to put on 2 different storage types and keeping 1 copy offsite. You'll be able to build a failsafe system that protects your data by doing this.

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