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  • Leading document repair software with eceptional success rate
  • Seamlessly repair files that won't open, display blank content, or show gibberish
  • Extensive repair for diverse formats including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, ZIP, EPUB, PDF, PSD, PSB, and more
  • Efficiently repair corrupted files in batch for uninterrupted workflows
  • Preview repaired files before saving for accurate restoration

Fix Corrupt Files in Any Format

Your ultimate solution for resolving file corruption – covering Office documents, Adobe files, eBooks, and more. Secure, expert, and effortless.


Repair Excel Files

  • Effortlessly repair corrupted Excel files, whether they fail to open, become unreadable, display gibberish, or show error messages.
  • Recover tables, pivot tables, charts, formulas, and other crucial elements, ensuring data integrity.
  • Support various Excel formats such as .xlsx, .xlsm, and more.
  • Compatible with Excel versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, and earlier.
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Repair PDF Files

  • Fix various PDF file corruption issues, such as PDF not opening, blank PDFs, unreadable content, distorted images, and more.
  • Restore content embedded within PDF files, including text, images, tables, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Process multiple PDF files in one go.
  • Support for PDF version from 1.0 to 1.7.
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Repair PowerPoint Files

  • Repair PowerPoint file that is corrupted and cannot be opened.
  • Extract all recoverable elements from corrupted PowerPoint files, such as tables, controls, forms, VBA code, OLE objects, hyperlinks, and more.
  • Fix multiple PPTX/PPTM/POTM files in a batch.
  • Support PowerPoint files from 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and Office 365 editions
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Repair Word Documents

  • Easily repair damaged, corrupt, or inaccessible Word files, including those that are unopenable, blank, gibberish-filled, or contain unreadable content.
  • Recover text, images, fonts, headers, footers, and hyperlinks from corrupt Word files, keeping them intact.
  • Handle multiple corrupted Word files in .docx, .docm, and .dotm formats at once.
  • Work seamlessly with MS Word 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and earlier versions.
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Repair Photoshop Files

  • Repair PSD and PSB files of Adobe Photoshop in cases of data corruption.
  • Restore layers, masks, shapes, and text from the damaged Photoshop file, maintaining the original design composition.
  • Recover images, illustrations, and graphical elements within PSD and PSB files.
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS1 to CS5 and later versions.
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Repair Illustrator Files

  • Repair damaged or corrupted Adobe Illustrator files (*.ai files).
  • Recover image assets, layers, masks, and other elements within Illustrator files, restoring your designs.
  • Utilize AI to analyze illustration content and ensure data integrity.
  • Support for Adobe Illustrator version 9.0 and later.
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Diverse Editing Features Enrich Your Video Story

Color Problems in Photoshop

Troubled by Photoshop not saving colors correctly? Our solution is tailored to address color inconsistencies, distortions, and accuracy problems within your PhotoShop files, enabling your designs to shine exactly as intended.

File Cannot Open

Having trouble with Excel/Word/PDF/PowerPoint/EPUB/Photoshop files not opening? Worry not. Our expert tool proficiently repairs inaccessible files due to corruption, keeping your data accessible and intact.

File Opening Blank

Struggling with files that open blank? 4DDiG Document Repair is here to tackle the problem of blank file openings and ensure that your files display their intended content flawlessly.

File Appears as Gibberish

Encountering garbled code when opening files? Look no further. Our file repair expert will quickly decode those garbled codes and restore your files to their intended readable format.

File Layout Changed or Distorted

Fed up with finding altered or distorted layouts in your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF files? Let 4DDiG Document Repair effortlessly restore your files to their original structure and formatting, no more layout headaches.

Handle Document Corruption,
in Any Situation

Color Problems in Photoshop

Troubled by Photoshop not saving colors correctly? Our solution is tailored to address color inconsistencies, distortions, and accuracy problems within your PhotoShop files, enabling your designs to shine exactly as intended.

Merge Video

Merge different videos into one. The built-in video combiner supports combining videos in different formats as a single file without quality loss.

Video Compressor

Smartly compress large videos for email or web at optimal quality. Intuitive inteface and supports batch compressing videos to a desired file size.

Add Watermark

Batch watermark videos by adding logos, texts, or images easily with the built-in editor and customize the watermark position, size, opacity.etc.

Crop & Rotate

Crop a video to a desired aspect ratio and rotate video in 90 counterclockwise/clockwise, horizontal or vertical flip as you wish.

Filter and Effects

A variety of preset filters to make your videos distinct, such as Old Film, Mosaic, White Balance, Whirlpool, etc. Also allows adjusting brightness, contrast, shadow, etc.

Change Video Speed

Changing the playback speed of a video brings your video to a whole new level. You can change video speed from 0.25x to 4x super easily.

What Makes 4DDiG Document Repair Stand Out

Why choose 4DDiG Document Repair? Explore the remarkable aspects that make our software a standout choice for document repair.

High-Speed File Repair

Our advanced algorithms perform quick scans and repairs, ensuring your corrupted files are fixed swiftly and effectively.

Offer Advanced Repair

Beyond the basics, our advanced repair algorithms address even the most complex issues in corrupt files with ease.

Repair Files in Batch

With a single click, you can effortlessly add and repair multiple corrupted files in one go.

Preview Repaired Files

Before saving the repaired files, you can preview them to make sure they meet your expectations and requirements.

Fix Corrupt Word Document
in 3 Simple Steps

1 Add Corrupted Files

Locate the File Repair tab and add one or multiple corrupted files for repair.

2 Start File Repair

Click the "Repair" button and let our file repair software detect and fix issues within your corrupted files.

3 Preview and Save

Preview the repaired files and save them to your preferred location on your computer.

how to repair corrupted files step 1
how to repair corrupted files step 2
how to repair corrupted files step 3


If you're facing the "file is corrupted and cannot be opened" error, consider using 4DDiG Document Repair software to efficiently repair and restore the corrupted file. The software's advanced algorithms can often help restore your file's integrity and accessibility.

The repair time can vary depending on factors like the file size, the extent of corruption, and your system's performance. Smaller files might be repaired in a matter of minutes, while larger or more complex files could take longer.

While 4DDiG Document Repair can handle a wide range of file sizes, extremely large files might require more processing time and system resources for the repair process.

You can try the 'Advance Repair' option in 4DDiG Document Repair when the standard repair process might not fully address the complexity of the file corruption.

No, 4DDiG Document Repair maintains your original files' integrity during repairs. It uses advanced algorithms to fix corruption without altering your files' content or structure. Your files are treated carefully.

4DDiG Document Repair

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