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Susanna Grigor

repair all the important files that were corrupted

All the files on my USB drive are 0 bytes. The data may get corrupted. I googled and used this 4DDIG software last week. Thanks to the software, I found that it really worked and I was able to repair all the important files that were corrupted


Danica Ely

This 4DDiG tool has done a good job of File Repair

Recently I downloaded movies from the internet in MKV format. When I tried playing them on media players like VLC, GOM, KMPlayer, BSPlayer, etc., the movies didn’t play. I tried many methods and all didn’t work till... Finally, I found the 4DDiG video repair tool to get all my corrupt MKV video files repaired. Wonderful!


Lennon Lawrence

It helps me repair corrupt video files quickly!

 I’ve recently updated my system to Windows 11. After the update, the MKV video files are not playing smoothly (dropping much fps). I used this File Repair tool to solve it in minutes. Thanks! It really helps me a lot.


Laurence Long

Such fantastic software!!!!

Such fantastic software!!!!! It repaired my corrupted photos and was simple to use. It also helps to repair my life!



Best video editing software

The best video editing software. This is extremely user-friendly. It appeals to me.


Osbert Walters

The wedding video of a friend was tainted.

A wedding video of a friend was corrupted. I attempted to repair the video files using various applications from evening to midnight, but it did not work. As soon as I had given up hope, I noticed that the demo version of 4DDiG Video Repair could repair our videos. Furthermore, it was a great surprise and joy to tell my friend the bad news. At midnight, I purchased the license and recovered the videos. Thank you incredibly much.


Drake Jordan

It is an excellent program for dealing with high-quality videos

It is an excellent program for dealing with high-quality videos; it provides numerous options that make working with it a pleasure rather than a necessity.


Juliet Cook

Repair my corrupted video

My video just suddenly can't open due to corrupted, thanks for 4DDiG File Repair that help me repair my corrupted video and it finally can play normally!


Sterling Barton

World should have more useful software like 4DDiG File Repair

I never tried software like 4DDiG File Repair before, to be honest, this kind of software make my live easier. As a photographer, it is alwasy happens that the videos can't play. But now I have 4DDiG File Repair, I successfully save all my videos back.


Benjamin Kain

4DDiG File Repair is a Nice software to repair can't open photos

Actually my wedding photos just can't open, but 4DDiG file repair help me repair it!

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