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recover my office documents

I am worried because I have lost my office documents after upgrading my macBook from High sierrra to Mojave. I couldn't find the document in the Trash or Time machine backup. I have to search for data recovery software for help. 4DDIG is what I chose and it worked great.

recover MOV files on mac

I accidentally deleted some important mov files from the system, my colleague recommended the software 4DDIG to me. I had a try and it worked like a charm finally.

My Mac is running slow after the recent update,

My Mac is running slow after the recent update, then I deleted the junk files and cleared the disk space. Also, I removed the old Time Machine Backup. By mistakenly I lost some critical data. Thanks god, 4ddig software for mac can recover my files.

restore deleted files from Mac Air

I have accidentally deleted an important exl document and can't restore it from the Trash bin. The professional 4DDIG mac software scan my HD and found the file for me.

Filesand videos photos

Files and videos photos


I was about to quit. All of a sudden two important spreadsheets I kept on iCloud were gone. I came across Tenorshare and they are both back, intact. Could not believe it. Easy to use, and reliable. Highly recommend it.

good software

I didn't have any backup of the videos once downloaded on my Mac and later I mistakenly deleted them all from Google browser. But 4DDig Date Recovery tool did recover them all. Love it to death!

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