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Laurel Nichols

Free Mac Tool

Glad to let you know that it can help me resolve Mac won't boot issues, reset SMC for free


Dana Hayes

Excellent tool to fix mac issue for free

Reset NVRAM with a single click to resolve Mac audio volume issues.


Fletcher May

Fix my mac problem with no charge!

My mac mouse suddenly scrolling strande and the mouse clicking speeds also have some problem. And 4DDiG Mac Boot Genius just help me fix it in coupld click, and it is totally free!


Lane Alexander

It is a Free Tool

My mac battery behave strangely, As this is a free tool so I give it a try. And suprisely found that it fix my mac error!



Fixed Time Zone Finally with Mac Boot Genius

The time zone or clock is always wrong on my Mac and finally Mac Boot Genius solved this. Great Team!


Will Guerrero

Nice Mac Tool

My Mac mouse just suddenly started scrolling, and the clicking speeds were innormal, With this free tool, I have successfully fixed these problems!


Frank Robinson

Totally Free!!!!!

100% Free to reset NVRAM to resolve Mac audio volume issues. Nice 4DDiG!


Elena Lambert

Great Tool!!

The volume settings on my Mac are messed up. It drives me crazy. Thanks for this tool. It helps me out.

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