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Refundable Circumstances.

1. About Purchase Circumstances

Duplicate purchase: If customer purchased same product twice, Tenorshare will refund one of the products for you, or swap one program for another Tenorshare product.

Wrong purchase: A refund of wrong purchase requires you to purchase correct product on Tenorshare site first, and then the original program would be refunded back to you.

Other additional services beyond the product: If customer finds that the order you purchased on Tenorshare's official website has been charged more than product price, please first verify whether it is tax or bank service fee. We recommend that you directly contact tax refund organizations for tax refund and your local bank to ask for bank fee details. If it is other expenses, such as download protection fees and physical CD, these are additional services that are bound to the product by the third-party platform, allowing you to download the product when you replace the computer or in other situations. At the time of purchase, you are free to choose whether you need to purchase these additional services. If you accidentally purchased them without your knowledge or do not want these additional services after purchase, we will help you contact the payment platform to refund the cost of them.

No registration code received in 24 hours after purchase: If customer purchased a product on Tenorshare's official website and confirmed that money was successfully debited, but did not receive registration code within 24 hours (we recommend that you check spam folder), failed to obtain registration code on our retrieve registration code page, and did not get a timely response within 24 hours from Tenorshare Support Team after making contact. In this case, Tenorshare will refund customer's order if they have no need for the product anymore.

2. About Automatic Subscription Circumstances

Customer has applied to cancel automatic subscription, but still got a renewal fee: Generally, customers can contact Tenorshare Support Team to cancel automatic subscription at any time before next renewal occurs, or you can cancel by referring to the FAQ guide yourself. If you contact directly with the payment platform (, please confirm that you have received te confirmation email that renewal service is cancelled successfully from them, otherwise, you will still be automatically charged. It's recommended to contact Tenorshare Support Team to cancel it directly. If Tenorshare or the payment platform responds that the renewal has been canceled, but you still get charged on subscription day, you can provide corresponding evidence (screenshot of the email from Tenorshare or payment platform that the renewal service was cancelled successfully, etc.), we will refund the renewal payment caused by the error to you.

3. About Product Circumstances

Any technical problems you have encountered when using the product, please contact Tenorshare's technical support team and cooperate to locate the problem, including providing screenshots, log files, or accepting free remote services provided by Tenorshare. If the problem cannot be resolved in the end, and you are unwilling to wait for an upgrade or other compensation plan, Tenorshare will refund you if your order is in 30 days.

After confirming with Tenorshare Support Team, usually, the refund amount will be refunded to you via the original payment method within 2-4 working days.

Once a refund is issued, the corresponding license will be deactivated. Please:

  • Download version: Uninstall the software and remove it from the computer.
  • Disc version: Destroy the disc and then uninstall the software from the computer.

Currently we accept Credit Card, PayPal, Direct Debit, Bank/Wire transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax-Credit Card and Invoice, etc. Credit Card is highly recommended, as it is the quickest way for you to receive the registration code and download link after payment.

The Download Protection is an extra service that is provided by our payment partner, who stores a back-up copy of the software that you purchased on server for two years. Check more info here.

It is not necessary to purchase this service since we update software periodically and always provide free downloads and updates for purchased customers. Click Remove button in the shopping cart and update the price will free you from being charged for this service.

Clear the cookies of your browser, make sure the network connection is good. If possible, switch to another payment method and try ordering again.

It depends on the license type you purchase. If you purchase a month or one-year license, there is an auto-recurring subscription by default. The lifetime license is a one-time payment. However, you can stop the auto-recurring if you don't need it. Just follow the guide or contact us to help you cancel it.

We strongly recommend that you double check your email address when you make a purchase. If not, we suggest you send out the wrong email address & correct email address & order numbers to our support team, we will help you modify it and send you a registration code.

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